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  1. Peter that all depends on what the end game is. If JP is to realise his dream of being the CEO of a National Park then he needs to remove navigation from his list of equals, The easiest way to do this is to get rid of the boats. If this is the aim then knocking out the bigger boats will mean the burden on the smaller boats will become so great that they will leave, making the burden on any boats left even greater. Maybe I watch too many conspiracy theory's, or maybe I give JP too much credit and he is actually loosing it with age but if anyone was to sit down and plot a way to
  2. JP has the Broads (soon to be National Park) and its users licked. In this thread you can read how hire is needed, big boats are no good for the broads 50' Broom, small boats are better. Big boats will leave but others will come. Have a look at Oulton Broad to see the effect, then give Brundal Bay a ring to see if you can get a mooring. The big boats pay the most and use the Broads the least. Every one that leaves is going to need 3 or 4 little ones to generate the same income. the more big boats leave (and they will) the more the little boats will have to pay and it is those boats
  3. " She added that increasing fuel prices and changing holiday patterns could be behind the falling figures. " Maybe more traffic would pass through it if it worked? Getting to it in one direction or another means passing through Lowestoft Road Bridge which once through you will have to wait till the next opening to get out, or passing through the unreliable Somerleyton Bridge. It is also a long way from Breydon and Great Yarmouth as most that use the lock cant get under St. Olives bridge so will have to trawl all the way back up the new cut and back to Breydon to get to GY. If they wa
  4. GY was always fine as a way out from my experience, have missed the bridge coming back on a couple of occasions, due to sea conditions when coming up from Ipswich way, or south of it. Problem to me was the lack of bridge lifts in a day so if you did miss one you couldn't get the next. As for the cost per transit through Mutford, think you might find that the costs are based around providing staff when it isn't actually working for months and the cost of bodging up gates with no boat usage to offset it. Why would Mutford cost any more than any other lock in the country?
  5. Afraid that those who called for the persecution of the so called gin palaces are about to feel the results of their success. Our toll would have been £700 this year, about average for a 40'+ seagoing boat. I know personally to at least 10 boats not on the Broads this year, fairly sure that is just the tip of the iceberg and the suitable boat brigade are shortly going to be digging deep in their pockets to make up the huge hole in the toll pot left by the boats they so wanted to get rid of. Fortunately it is very easy to move a seagoing boat, Yarmouth or Lowestoft give access to lots
  6. Made mine known last year. Ipswich is Lovely, no toll either.
  7. I'm taking it that a single vehicle accident is purely the motorcycle, just the road, a tree, a lamp post etc. And the motorcycle. This one you can probably put down mostly to the motorcyclist and very probably speed would feature highly in there with a few gallons of diesel and a few white lines and manhole covers thrown in for good measure. Once you bring another vehicle into the equation the statistics are saying that it is the other driver most of the time but not by as much of a percentage as might be expected, basically a third of the time it is mainly the motercyclist's fault and i
  8. I also wonder about the stastistics on this, I would question whether this is accidents or casualty's? I firmly believe that if you want safer roads then force everyone to do two years as a motorcyclist before they are allowed to drive a car. Still convinced that my motorcycling days as a youth did far more to make me more aware of my surroundings than any amount of training in a car. As a motorcyclist you know it is you that is going to get hurt so it teaches you to think not only ahead for yourself but also for the drivers of the other vehicles. I used to be a 40k miles a year man
  9. Average plane journey cruises at 500 mph, average deaths on a flight 0 "FACT" If the plane drops its speed to 50 mph the death rate soars "FACT" Most speed limits in this country hark back to the 30's with motorway limits from the 60's. Cars have changed beyond comparison since those days, have a look at the braking distances in the highway code, once the reaction distance is removed you will find you need less than half the allocated distance to stop in a modern car. Suspension, tyres even steering have all improved phenomenally yet the speed limits are the same or lower. Yes traffi
  10. Forget,ringing round, fill in compare the meerkat or go compare. Most brokers will guide you to a Reasonably competitive quote but they will still have at least one eye on their commissions. As another poster said they hold your details so each year you can re run the quotes without having to re-enter details.
  11. senator


    As you say everything, they don't tell the winner he has won either
  12. Fairly sure the landlords wouldn't buy it if there was no demand. From what I have seen of buy to let landlords they never want to pay market rates so it is up to the buyers to buy them on the open market. Even if they are only properties made available for rent they are still providing housing for those in the area. rented or purchased people still live there.
  13. I wonder how many 16-20 year olds there are living with parents in the Norwich area, 20,000 to me would not seem an unreasonable number. They are all going to need somewhere to live over the next 10 years, that is unless they are going to live their lives at Mom and Dads. True most will not be able to afford the new build stuff but people moving into them will free up houses further down the ladder.
  14. It doesn't matter if they build the roads or not, they still need to build new houses, they have to put them somewhere in the area. the only issue I can see is they should be building 3 lanes not 2 everywhere.
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