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Freeman 22 Mk2

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Properly equipped and on the right day, then if she is sound and the engine and fuel system are reliable then I see no reson not to, you will certainly need to make good use of the tides in and out of the harbour with that motor. I would not even think about it untill you have had her a while and shaken her down and also had a good few runs over Breydon under high engine loads loads. The above relates to the boat and assumes competent crew.

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Coarse if you waited for the right day you could do what these people have done ....The French Connection

(Top of Page)

I've owned my Freeman 22 Mk 2 since 1978; we've done 3 channel crossings - 1980,1981 and 1995 and she's now based in Briare in France. Mooring fees here are high for the French canals at about £200 a year (!) I have kept her at Roanne further south where the fees are £70 a year - pontoon berth, water, electricity, showers, toilets all included; it's a different world!

"Trillium" spent many years cruising the Thames, being based at Walton, Richmond, Hampton on Garricks Ait and at Bossoms in Oxford before the advent of the ridiculous so-called "Boat Safety Scheme" sent me back to France. Apart from anything else, I'm very attached to my Goodridge braided steel armoured fuel line and very unwilling to change it to a bit of rubber pipe!

http://www.freemancruiser.co.uk/tales.htm very good freeman site .....i would still be extremly wary about going to sea in one though,anything more than a ripple and you,ll be looking at the sky a lot!!

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