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:grin: hi everyone, was thinking about mum this morning, & about when she got her first boat, she said it was unlucky to watch your boat going in the water, so she sat in the car til it had gone in, just curious to know, has anybody on here heard of that or any other superstitions about boats, & do any of you lot believe in that sort of thing ? lori :o:lol:
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Only the stuff about changing names, things like talking to the boat telling her why your changing the name etc.

If you want superstitions try ice hockey! here are a couple for you.

Not shaving during play offs or on a game day.

kitting up one side first.

Sticks next to each other in the racks (apparently so they can talk to each other!)

sticks never held upside down (all the goals fall out apparently!)

Always eating the same food on game days

after that it starts getting really wired and you really don't want to know what goes on the dressing rooms! :naughty:

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If you really want superstitions about boating (well fishing really) then get hold of a second hand copy of Sally Festing's "Fishermen: A Community living from the Sea" a lovely read on the history of the industry, fortunately written before the decline. Somebody really should write a rise and fall of the British fishing industry.

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There were many on the fishing boats that I worked on, depending on the skipper.

You weren't allowed to wear green.

You must never whistle (whistle up the wind)

You must never mention monkeys, rabbits or pigs (all unlucky).

Before you shot your gear you would throw some loose change in the sea (silver for silver)

You always left what used to be five bob above the door before you left the house to go to sea (just incase you didn't come back)

Women were not allowed on the boat, and if they did they had to spit on the transom.

There were so many more, many I have forgotten. That book sounds like it could be interesting.


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