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  1. i know how you feel , ive suffered migraines since i was 18, but since going through menapause it's gotten worse, & this heat has really done my head in, i'm on high dosage betablockers which don't always work, & i have to take immigran injections when it gets bad, & ive had to take quite a few this month, my hubby bought me a mobile airconditioner which has been a godsend to me, but it does'nt half use some electric lol ,but i could'nt do without it now . lori
  2. loribear

    I Hate.....

    i hate when the youngsters always use the word SICK, it really gets on my nerves, it sounds so horrible, you hear them say , i went to watch a film & it was really sick maaan , & you stand there thinking ,WHAT THE HELL , where on earth did that word come from ?. it makes you feel ill listening to them say it . lori
  3. loribear

    Boats Above Their Station.

    It does actually look like the waters higher on the other side, like there's some sort of lock on the other side of the bridge lol .
  4. loribear

    Not A Sinkhole But Lost Water

    It really needed dredging by the looks of things , it was very shallow . Lori
  5. loribear

    Big Cats

    i love watching videos about big cats like cougers & cheetahs, & i love the way their deep purr sounds, ive watched quite a few lately , it's addictive lol, there's a guy thats very friendly with cheetahs on utube called dolph C. volker, it's brilliant. lori
  6. https://youtu.be/nLC0eGWv3oM just seen this video, it's NOT a sinkhole like the title says , but all the water has gone, it's just a good job that a barge was'nt there at that spot at the time, not seen anything like it before . lori
  7. loribear

    Getting Stuck

    Just out of curiousity , who was it that broke the ice up ? & where did you have the meet ? I can't remember , lori
  8. loribear


    As you've probably gathered grace , these are all shoe cakes lol , so you can eat them haha.
  9. loribear


    Hi grace , happy belated birthday xxx.
  10. loribear

    Getting Stuck

    hi guys & gals , one of my favourite things to watch on utube is big ships abroad, & i was watching this video of a big ship getting stuck in the ice , which i found was amazing as it's about a 1000ft long & about 80ft wide , & the guy who took the video said it took them 3 attempts to get through going backwards & forwards , & it brought back memories of when some of you went to a boat meet & had to break the ice on the river to get through , & it made me chuckle . Lori
  11. loribear

    Russell's Deleted Scene

    It worked on mine phablet lol
  12. loribear

    What Happens Next?

    & it's not even a full moon yet , it's only 3/4 .
  13. loribear


    Yes but very nice though haha .
  14. loribear


    Ok gracie if you inssist hahaha .
  15. loribear


    How about these ones grace lol.

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