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  1. Hi Paul, would you be able to pm me details and how much your looking for as we're in the market at the mo cheers
  2. Arrgh take it away! My eyes!!!
  3. Hi Ray, do you mind if I put this link on Facebook?
  4. Hi Vaughan it's a bmc 1.5 brand new from calcutt boats last year, same water pump though
  5. Absolutely! I've got spare cables,belts,filters,spare alternator even, the one thing I didn't have is what broke
  6. Thanks Vaughan, looks like I've got a bit of work to do then!
  7. Hi all, bit of an update back at home now, didn't get to Rockland headed for Beauchamp arms instead, and the old girl is tucked up outside the pub. Here I must give a huge thankyou to Edgar the broads patrol officer who rescued us , and to his mate Chris who's family bbq we rudely interrupted and who lent his car to a complete stranger so we could get to my car at somerleyton. There really are fantastic people out there . Hopefully I'll be able to take a day off work this week to grab an impeller from Brian Wards and fit to get her back home
  8. Broads control have come up trumps getting a tow to Rockland st Mary:-) Thanks guys !
  9. Thanks guys called Terry he can't come out today will give broads control a call Here's hoping! Cheers griff :-)
  10. Thanks chap we've either got to get back to somerleyton or brundle tonight, where is Robert based?
  11. Is there anyone on the river around the brundle area as my impeller has just given up the ghost, serious overheating as Steve Wright would say lol presently nose in to the bank just past Rockland broad towards reedham. A tow or a good number to call would be most appreciated!!
  12. Oh bla dee, oh bla da, by marmalade
  13. Well I'm on my third boat and agree totally with what you are saying MM, I've always gone into any potential purchase with eyes wide open and a huge dose of common sense and always had a good look over what I'm buying before money changes hands. But it's all down to personal preference and knowledge of what you are looking at. Plus I am in the fortunate position of being able to fix most problems that could crop up from engine rebuild or replacement to structural stuff. But then what works for me may not work for everyone!
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