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  1. DaveB

    No. 1 When You Were Born...

    Oh bla dee, oh bla da, by marmalade
  2. DaveB

    To Survey Or Not

    Well I'm on my third boat and agree totally with what you are saying MM, I've always gone into any potential purchase with eyes wide open and a huge dose of common sense and always had a good look over what I'm buying before money changes hands. But it's all down to personal preference and knowledge of what you are looking at. Plus I am in the fortunate position of being able to fix most problems that could crop up from engine rebuild or replacement to structural stuff. But then what works for me may not work for everyone!
  3. DaveB

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Most people in Harlow seem to be driving with a snapped clutch cable! Lol
  4. DaveB

    Hoseasons New Owners

    Just wait for the asset stripping to begin......... or am I just being cynical?
  5. DaveB

    Summer/autumn Gathering August 2018

    Hi all, as we're at Somerleyton this year we'll be there this year! DaveB - Rosalind - 2 crew - Sat, Sun
  6. DaveB

    Independence Fuel Usage Sweepstake

    I've just worked out that amount of fuel would keep me cruising for over 5 yrs given my average yearly usage
  7. DaveB

    Independence Fuel Usage Sweepstake

    Think I'll go for 2479ltrs And then a long lie down in a darkened room at the thought of it!
  8. DaveB


    Ooops where did that come from! Tim Waters is what i meant I blame my age
  9. DaveB


    Another vote here for Tim West
  10. Hi all, if anyone knows of one I'm in the market for a hydraulic steering pump/hub, I've got a source for a ram and suitable pipes but sourcing a pump at a reasonable price is proving very difficult second hand is good as a rebuild is no problem, thanks all
  11. DaveB

    Health And Safety

    Whatever happened to natural selection!
  12. DaveB


    Or ' overdraft '
  13. DaveB


    I am not one for frequent or long posts as I prefer to loiter and read the posts and opinions of those who are generally much more accomplished at putting their thoughts into the written word, for the first time I would like to say that I heartily agree with all the above sentiments and would like to say to everyone - have a happy and healthy Christmas , and a great new year
  14. DaveB

    Broadland Grebe

    Hi socrates, loving the write up! Ignore the armchair admirals I know exactly how you feel Rosalind is over the other side of the marina from you and I have had to replace almost all the interior, cabin and sliding roof sides on a tight budget, and still more to go Just have to say though that I have always loved the ripple craft style , they have a look and class all their own, I'm not envious at all ! Much lol

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