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  1. and that would help what ....how.... What is your point??
  2. Beautiful..... If someone had said to you six weeks ago "give me £10 pounds and I'll give you great Easter weather"
  3. This post makes me laugh, not sure it was intended but great wording C4I Great pictures FTM
  4. Wyndham


    Before I make any comment on the subject does anyone know what happens if you pay your toll in April then a month later decided to sell your boat or move it to another waterway. Are you entitled to a refund?
  5. That's exactly it Noggy, you make the point more succinctly and with fewer words.
  6. Is there something you want to tell the forum??
  7. Thanks Pumpy....I have heard of them and have a lovely 12v led table lamp on the boat after buying an expensive lamp from them, expensive but worth it if you see what I mean. It does seem they have the size I need, but £29 each .....I need 4.....£116 to solve a problem which doesn't really exist. More carrots Mrs W.
  8. I agree. Can I just add to this thread and also related to the recent one about "when did people get scared" If you are a relatively newbie to boating, reading this thread, or never been through Yarmouth before, just aim to get to Yarmouth at around or just after slack, going north or south and all will be fine. The ONLY thing you HAVE to worry about is clearance under the bridges, if you're not sure call the Yacht Station. The reason I made this post is that chat about the crossing, either way, is very interesting and informative and provides food for thought for all, but
  9. Not sure what an LED Panel is SteveO You are right and a couple of the light fitting covers have cracked a little. We haven't found a direct led replacement for the fluorescent tubes in our fittings, about 24" long. We could replace them all with new led fittings to save power but that's not cheap and we could probably add another battery for a similar price. Anyway, despite them taking a short time to warm up the old fluorescents do have a comfy feel.
  10. Of course friendly, it's the only thing I know. ( but not quite as friendly as you infer MM ) Just mucking around.
  11. A worm would do more damage to the turf than a NBN tug of war. (best possible taste remember)
  12. Ah... so Howard, ( is that Norfo;lk Nog?) is confusing himself about bits and licking posts without first getting Bletchley involved. This has got Putin written all over it, don't trust him. anyone with his knowledge of Norfolk pubs is up to something, and that Gayfire is in on it too.
  13. On the Broads I mean, I've never moored at Irstead, despite having the opportunity, must do it soon. Never been canoeing, fancy that too, and sailing, never tried it but would like a go. Next month we've also promised ourselves a walk from St Bennets to Ludham Bridge and from How Hill to Ludham Bridge, both firsts. How about you?
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