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  1. Wyndham


    I'm sorry, I can't give you any time, I have some time but need it to use doing nothing. I asked around if anyone had some spare time to give you but to no avail, although a friend did say they might have some time on Sunday if that's any help. I even asked if anyone could make some time for you, they all said they could but need a recipe.
  2. Wyndham

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Well Done Grendel, pleased for you. Always the Bridesmaid, now the Bride (no LGBT undertones intended)
  3. Wyndham

    Back To The Summer Of 1976?...

    Was my exam year so school pretty much finished early June and I had all summer to waste before starting work in September. I remember forest fires and lakes drying up. The ponds on Wanstead Flats were drying out so quick that we were rescuing fish and transporting them to Wanstead Park lake to save them. Holiday that year was with Mum, Dad sisters, partners, aunt, uncle and Tom Cobley, we always went to Cornwall and always the last two weeks in August, we had our fingers crossed the weather would last.....and it did. If I recall correctly the weather broke on the bank holiday weekend as we were heading home. Good times.
  4. Wyndham


    Not really living though, is it. "Wow man, you've been alive for 150 years, you must have some great stories to tell" Turtle replies "Nah, done nothing all my life" Avoid turtles.
  5. Wyndham


    Easy See, I told you I studied nothing at school.
  6. Wyndham


  7. Wyndham


    In that case, when you make some space to store something, what are you using to make the space?
  8. Wyndham


    Nothing is a fasinating subject and I've spent most of my life trying to learn everything about nothing. I even studied nothing at school and college so do feel qualified to comment. Nothing got in the way of me studying nothing. I learnt early on that knowing everyting about nothing was easy when I opened a cupboard and it was empty, my mum said "there is nothing in there" so I spent some time learning about the contents. It seemed so easy to know everything so I thought there must be a catch, that's why I studied it so much. Much later in life I realised that nothing doesn't exsist, so there is nothing to know about nothing and I had wasted my studying years. Of course, realising nothing doesn't exsit I had at least learnt something about nothing. So now I tell my grandchildren about nothing, I explain nothing in great detail, in the hope they will learn something.
  9. Wyndham

    Justice Is Done!

    5, 4, 3, 2........
  10. Wyndham

    England V Tunisia

    That's a shame....have you tried marriage guidance??
  11. Wyndham

    Opening Day Reports

    Fished on Sat morning on the Ant, rest of the day on the Bure, pretty decent and caught the two biggest eels I've ever caught! But...the most memorable thing about the weekend, and not in a good way, was that I was bitten to pieces by some critters, don't know what they were, never felt a thing at the time, but crikey did they itch during the night. At least a dozen bites on both arms, both legs and my head, they still itch like crazy. Never had anything like that before.
  12. Wyndham

    The Sun Setting, But Where?

    Webntweb does indeed have it. Supprising how far north the sun sets at this time of year.
  13. Wyndham

    The Sun Setting, But Where?

    All close but not quite right. Another picture, same place.
  14. Wyndham

    The Sun Setting, But Where?

    Grace is closest. Well actually she's half right.
  15. Wyndham

    The Sun Setting, But Where?

    It seems Church Fen has an imposter then as it's not there.

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