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  1. Wyndham

    Nbn Quiz Night

    The Dartford Crossing... Boot Sale Etiquette... Electricky....
  2. Wyndham

    Hi Everyone, Im Looking To Purchase

    I have quoted you dnks34 not because I disagree with anything you say but just to put another perspective on the "leak" front. I would guess, based on nothing than my conversations with people, that 75% of broads boats leak, even if the owners don't know it yet, and in the 30k and below range I would guess that at sometime all have leaked and most still do. If you buy a boat that shows no signs of leaking it doesn't mean it isn't leaking. But a boat with signs of leaking doesn't mean it's wrecked, I mean how are the owners expected to know (and deal with) a leak unless they see the signs. As dnks34 says, proceed with caution, but don't get too hung up on the leak situation, because sooner or later you'll be chasing one.!!
  3. Wyndham

    Anyone Recognise This As A Broom?

    Sorry ....well they can still have a guess. I have seen up close under the floor of a Broom built around that time and the quality of the timber work on this one doesn't look anywhere near as good.
  4. Wyndham

    Anyone Recognise This As A Broom?

    I found it on preloved, lots of pictures and though I don't know much and wouldn't want to cast aspersions, something doesn't seem right. Also this on canalplan.org.uk " Ow Much Built by Broom in 1982 - Length : 9.2 metres ( 30 feet 2 inches ) - Beam : 3.1 metres ( 10 feet 2 inches ) Powered by an Inboard Diesel engine with a capacity of 2500 CC. Registered with Environment Authority - Thames Region number F041532 as a Non Hire Annual Private Motor Boat. ( Last updated on Thursday 23rd May 2013 ) "
  5. Wyndham

    Omni Directional Aerial

    I really believe.... really, the only research suitable is to get out and try it. We have a cheap lab periodic ariel from screwfix and we have not found any where that we can't get a signal. Trees on a wild mooring haven't been a problem. We do have it on a pole. We have hired boats with "tracvision" you know , the ones with a big bulbous thing on the fo'c'sle and whilst they maintain a signal whilst cruising with all the twists and turns, (great for the kids!!) once moored, close to trees, they failed. Now I,m not saying what we had was typical but at salhouse with "tracvision" we had a picture until we got within stepping distance of the quay......then it went. Happened all holiday, mid river, fine, moor close to a spiders web, no signal. So, I would say, if getting a tv signal on the move is important then listen to recommendations (I have none) but if you just want a signal when moored , https://www.screwfix.com/p/labgear-log-mast-periodic-aerial/67576
  6. Wyndham

    Bow Thruster Fitting

    We too have a 35ft boat, when we looked into it recently....around 4K, possibly a touch more. It would make things easier but hard to justify.
  7. Wyndham

    Boats For Couples

    Hi DJB and welcome. Lots of boats are designed just for couples....but as you have discovered they come at a premium. The Swan craft boats that riccos now have are well designed and about the best value for money you can get, albeit they may a touch dear. The problem (for you) is that hire boats are designed with the potential return top of priorities. They just don't consider people with a "healthy appetite" (your words, not mine.) In an ideal world we.. You... Me... Would take a blank and make it ours.... Unlikely though. So.....we have to comprise. You have identified good reasons for chossing the boat you have, beyond that, don't worry too much, just being on the rivers is such a pleasure. A tiny tip... take the bow rope..... take the stern rope..... lay them alongside.... tie them together.... when you come in to moor and your wife steps off she has both ropes. Hope you have a lovely holiday.
  8. Wyndham

    Wroxham Angling

    Between the turn to The Ferry Inn and Richos marina. The bloke in there is incredibly helpful, lives above the shop and will serve you out of hours if you ring his doorbell.
  9. Wyndham

    October Where?

    I checked. 486,956 ... you can self certify your prize next time you're with an os map. Although I didn't realise, there is a big (small) clue in the photo. You can just make out a blurry railway line signal.
  10. Wyndham

    October Where?

    I'll look on the way back tomorrow, don't start waving your trophy yet.
  11. Wyndham

    October Where?

    Sounds about perfect, well done, although I have no idea what a water sky landing area is.
  12. Wyndham

    October Where?

    Again, so close.
  13. Wyndham

    October Where?

    Yes, it was taken yesterday.
  14. Wyndham

    October Where?

    So close.

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