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  1. I'd bet the Tykes beat the Renault away from the lights, even with Henry as ballast.
  2. See Wusser I told you so didn't I He tried to pretend he liked washing machines but his true colours shone through and he couldn't resist.
  3. That's any interesting take on the subject CC and one that I fully understand, I have passed you many times on the rivers and exchanged waves so I know Cerise Lady is a fine vessel. I have a slightly different take on things though. I remember struggling as a young parent and my parents helped me. Now I feel it's my duty to help my children, not that they need it as both of them and their partners have worked hard to get the jobs they have, but if they felt they needed to pull the reigns in and wanted a free holiday on a boat I would have no hesitation in letting them use it. Like when Mrs W and I are on it, we feel it's something to be enjoyed, not be over precious about.
  4. I don't want to know how the washing machine works, I have enough to do already so please rethink your choice of new topic. Thanks in advance.
  5. Arrived yesterday morning, all good. Wyndham is as high as a sixties pop star..... Mrs W is off the scale. The wonder of life.
  6. Let me help you out with this one, whatever your name is. I understand fully the point you are making, and I agree, however there are a large section of people who when they see a subject "Car Talk" just have to join in. Strange as it may seem some people love to talk cars. I'd wager you could visit any forum, on any specialised subject you like and if a similar topic were to get started it would take off. How seemingly perfectly normal people can get so engrossed and obsessed with cars is beyond me, but they do, in their numbers, so maybe it is me and you who need to keep our heads down and let them enjoy their passion. We on the other hand can spend our hard earned on luxuries instead of wasting it on tyres that will stop us 2 yds sooner if travelling at 60 mph on a loose gravel road or have a slightly lower noise level when cruising at 20 mph Beer Wusser? ( after we've parked up for the night obviously)
  7. I do agree, the packaging was OTT and could have made better use of resources but why have you got a kettle and a 1970's pillow on your floor!! That aside though Amazon is great isn't it? Order something Fri. late, get it Sat. early. That's quite freaky when you think back to the days of the Freemans catalogue. On the contrary Mrs W and I were looking for some non essential gardening items on amazon today and after a while we agreed to not buy today and have a look in the Garden Centres over the coming week. How radical are we, woop woop. Old s cool.
  8. Welcome DJB, You make some good points there. Boats do have problems and it is annoying especially at the start of the season when you'd think all would have been sorted over the winter. The biggest issues I see is that without doubt you should have been informed of the lack of a Bridge Pilot and that not all facilities are available at this time of year. And on returning, a sympathetic ear listening to your concerns is worth more for a business than it costs to provide. Hope you enjoy you're break in Sept. The pilot will be there and all water points working. BTW Swan R.... Fleet Dyke is fine.
  9. Griff, you are doing what I am thinking....or maybe I'm thinking what you are doing, anyways, my boat has not had anywhere near the TLC you have put into yours, so I know how you're feeling. In your position I'd be following people around with a catlle prod in case they looked like they might be thinking of making a negative comment about the boat. Take that you ungrateful xxxx Seriously though, your charity thing is just one thing I'd like to consider, hats off to you and a good cause. Strange thing is though I'm torn between auction which raises money for a charity but means the winners obviously have some bucks, or find a way of just sharing with people who could never win an auction. Tricky I'm old enough to know if I don't do it I'll regret it and if I do I'll regret it.
  10. That's a good initiative Steve and something I've thought about. Now I'm not rich and pretty much give up everything else to own a boat but I often find myself thinking how lucky I am to have one and wouldn't it be great to share it with some others who are a little less fortunate. Take some people out for the day or an overnight stay somewhere, they could choose the itinerary. I'd do that to give pleasure to others. Now the but......what has stopped me so far, complete strangers on my boat, not that I mind strangers and will happily chat to anyone. For one it is the toilet hygiene. I'm sure everyone can relate to this. I have entered the marina toilets (in fact any public toilets) and been disgusted that anyone can leave them, shall we say, untidy. I just can't understand how anyone would expect someone else to tidy up after their visit to Trap 1, but they do. If they are that disrespectful what else will they disrespect. That's what has stopped me doing it. If I could guarantee respectful people I'd do it, however, I'm not sure it's possible.
  11. I'm reminded of The Sex Pistols, Friggin in the Riggin. Not sure if lyrics can be posted....look them up.
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