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  1. The one north of Barton I have moored at and removed the tape, I've also seen a hire boat moor there and remove the tape (couple of years back) but it just keeps getting put back. Contacting the BA might be an idea to find out if it's anything official.
  2. Wyndham

    What's Makes You Support Your Team And Why?

    You know, this reply has me agreeing and disagreeing in equal quantities. I too am fed up with 22 over paid men etc. but it wasn't like that 50 years ago. Back then going to the game on the weekend was the big thing of the week, a much more level playing field in terms of quality, hardly anyone local supporting Man. United or Liverpool, just local teams, WHU, Spurs, Woolwich, Charlton etc. Like most drugs it had you hooked. Football has changed over the years, some things for the better, some for the worse. The advent of Sky has made the experience so much better for the armchair fan at the expense of the fans who attend the games, consequently we have "fans" who have never seen their team play and who "support" teams hundreds of miles away because they are successful. It is now a media hyped product which draws in far more than it's really worth, but while the viewers will pay for it the players will get paid silly amounts. Remember, it wasn't always like this and when a drug hooks you it takes a lot of effort to kick it. I miss going, miss the banter, mates, the songs, drunken chats with strangers on trains, the apprehension of expecting a slap, there's so much but the time was right to stop and I don't regret that decision. Now Mr Q, let me say, Norwich is a great family club and Delilah has put in place some of the best food and drink facilities I have ever experienced as a visiting fan so can I suggest you go and try it without prejudice. Try and go to a local derby with Ipswich, you just might enjoy it.....Reason I say that....some 10 years Mrs W bought me a surprise long weekend on a boat, I can't say I was overly impressed but loved it and now own one....you just never know.
  3. In the past I've mentioned a wild mooring north of Barton which has been taped off suggesting "No Mooring".. nothing official..just tape. The tape has now made another appearance, just south of Barton...nothing official...just tape. Who is putting it there and why?
  4. Wyndham


    Tipping for a pump out... no It's a service advertised for a price, that's it. I also don't understand this "it's a dirty job" sentiment, it doesn't seem that dirty to me, it's not like I'm asking someone to stick their bare hands into the tank and scoop stuff out...all they have to do is connect a hose. Having said that I will always tip or some other form of thanks (usually beer) to show appreciation of service or help beyond what could reasonably be expected. Slightly off topic, but one of my tanks now has a gauge on....how long before I recover the cost on having fewer pump outs....... (I know the answer is never)
  5. Wyndham

    What's Makes You Support Your Team And Why?

    Whufc. Born and grew up within walking distance. (long walk mind) Uncle took me when I was 10 Followed them all over the country and only gave up my season ticket last year cos I hate that poxy stadium and all that goes with it. COYI
  6. Wyndham

    Now And Then

    Vaughan...seriously.... ....have you ever thought of writing a book. There seems a lot of interesting stuff you have to tell.
  7. Wyndham

    A Summer's Tale

    Where's the rainy day pictures? Come on, don't think you can get away with fluffing up your holiday tale by leaving out the bad bits. BTW....did you know your boat has a song?
  8. Wyndham

    'what's The Point Of Wasps?'

    Loads of wasps at the fur and feather today. One group of drinkers first blamed the koppaberg for them being pestered, then decided to change tables to try to avoid being bothered, (didn't work) then finally blamed it on one of the blokes aftershave and went inside. If you've got the temprament to keep calm around them all is usually fine, if you haven't, August sucks.
  9. Wyndham

    BA Moorings Just South Of Thurne Mouth...

    Thanks. Definitely longer on the way back!!
  10. ....can you walk to The Lion from them?
  11. Wyndham

    I Hate.....

    So here I am with a Solid Fuel Rocket Booster in one hand and a packet of Teflon coated O rings in the other and I have to say .."Honestly Dr. it's not brain surgery"...he'll think I'm a loon...especially if he's not a Doctor.
  12. Wyndham

    I Hate.....

    I've often wondered.... If you are a Rocket Scientist how do you explain to someone your job is not that difficult?
  13. Wyndham

    What I Saw Today... Safety Related.

    Wise words Katiew.
  14. Wyndham

    What I Saw Today... Safety Related.

    Off the side Smoggy. The helm wouldn't have known if he fell in. Honestly, even now thinking about it turns my stomach.
  15. I really did have a sick feeling in my stomach when I witnessed this. A boat went past with a young lad, maybe 10-11, he had his arms and elbows on the side deck (think of when you swim up to the edge of a swimming pool) and was lowering himself so his feet dragged in the water. No lifejacket. Parents seemingly unaware. I had to watch this for a few hundred yards til they went out of view, all the time praying he didn't fall in. I don't want to preach, but urge all parents to be aware of what your kids are doing when afloat. If only one parent reads this and takes notice it would have been worth it.

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