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The water pump had been activating when it shouldn't over the last day so this morning I took the bed up to see what was going on. The pump was dripping from the slide release connection on one side. A new o ring didn't sort it out so it was off to Brian Wards.

The depth of knowledge and the excellent service Nick and Tanya provide is second to none.

I was going for a same size replacement at over £250, Nick suggested I could drop down a size with little difference to pressure, and it was over £100 cheaper.

The hose sizes were different to the old connection, Tanya came up with a couple of fittings to solve the problem.

I also got the 10% NBN discount :default_biggrin:

It is sadly rare to find this level of genuine customer care these days, Thank you Brian Wards.

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I may have a similar problem, first came to light over the weekend in the middle of the night. I was awoken by an intermittent noise from under the salon floor, which turned out to be the water pipes exiting the water pump flexing as the pump momentarily activating. After having all the hatches up in the salon and cockpit at 2am I was able to determine that there was no water leak anyehere so the pump or pressure relief valve could be the likely culprit. I'll have another look at the pump to see if there's any signs of a leak. It's a Jabsco Par Max 4 which looks to be in fine nick.

I'm down again for a couple of weeks on Thursday so a trip to Brain Wards is on the cards, for a water pump and a toilet service pack (although Kath is keen on a new toilet, especially as brian Wards has a discount on the model that would be a direct replacement for ours. 

At least Brian Wards is only a couple of minutes from Cove...

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The pump was slightly out of line to the pipe run and I suspect that over time the vibration has caused the tight fit of the insert connector to wear away material on the pump body as even the new pumps insert leaked when I tried that on the old pump first.  It is now fixed square to the pipe run.

I have a used Max 4 at home that I was going to replace the shower waste pump with as that one is getting slow. I should have packed it for this trip but forgot it. Typical.

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