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engine malfunction

Guest Jonny

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Hi people most of you know about the starter problems on curlew we managed to get the engine going but had to short it out to do so. when we took curlew fora 15 min run to get some hot water so i could have a shower it seamed that for the amount of revs we were using we don't seam to be getting the speed for some reason.

do any of you know what this could be down to i fort something might be wrapped around the shaft which is causing it not to turn as fast as it should do.

where you grease the shaft is like a little filter we unscrewed this pumped in new water proof grease also pumped out the old stuff would this of help?

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Hmm, I'm about as close to a marine engineer as a caveman is to a fighter pilot, but I would have thought if you had something fouling the prop shaft you'd know about it. Assuming your transmission is in good nick something really wrapped around the prop would probably stall the engine when you try to engage the drive. Failing that it will cause the transmission to slip which at the very least should manifest itself as an unpleasant juddering and shuddering from the drive system. Believe me, if that's what you're getting, don't force the issue.

It could be that you've got a bit of old keep net, or a plastic bag or something, wrapped around the prop - it might not cause the transmission to slip but it will affect the amount of "bite" your prop is getting in the water resulting in lower thrust and therefore less speed. If that's the case, well, I hope you like swimming....

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A few weeks back i was driving the Stretch of River from Wroxham to Coltishal :)

I arrived at Colltishal, with the engine juddering, seemed it needed more power to maintain the same revs.

I lifted the outdrive to find the prop jammed up with weeds.

A Quick full power, in reverse and then forward, saw all the weeds shredded into Lentil Soup.

On the way back the prop jammed up about 3 times. I'm no expert on this, but it either sounds as if the prop is wrapped up in something ?

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well simon good thing the owner got a weed trap fitted to the boat take off the bolts and put your hand down the hole hay presto the prop

i just wanted to know because when i was maneuvering out of the yards and through brundall past brooms even going with the tide felt like heart ake shes dint feel like there was no punch just the revs :?

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