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  1. Morris Man


    Hi Ian, We used Flag antifoul on Folly's Pride, when we took her out of the water last year there was still antifoul on the hull and no fouling to speak of, I will be using it agaig this time. Robin.
  2. Morris Man

    Wall carpeting

    Hi, We have used carpet on the roof and some walls on our boat for the last 20 years with no problem, we stick the carpet to the roof about a foot at a time leaving about 2 inch all round for final fittine and fixing when all the roof has been stuck, dont worry about any overspray onto the walls as it will wipe off with white spirit. Robin.
  3. Morris Man

    Well ive got the outboard

    Evening, try these people they are the main agente for Mecury outboards ,http://www.mercurymarine.co.uk/main.php Robin
  4. Morris Man

    An old wooden beauty... 1B

    Evening all, this looks like a Water Gypsy like this one on Craig's site http://www.horning.org.uk/boatsearch.ph ... current=no Robin.
  5. Morris Man

    To Dongle or not To Dongle

    Hi we use a Vodaphone dongle, cost me £29.00 with £10.00 loaded that was over 2 years ago we have onlt topped it up once you have to put £15.00 on each time you topup, all you have to do is log on every 120 days to keep it active and your credit is carried on, shmbo uses it when she is on the boat on her ovn and uses about £1.00 a day, only place it dosnt work is Horning. Robin
  6. Hi, yes the large tank is the hydraqulic tank I think that they run on ATF ( automatic transmission fluid, you could give Richardsons a ring as they used to have a number of these in there fleet they called them Broadland Tango. Hope this helps, Robin
  7. Morris Man

    Head Gasket

    Hi Have a look here for parts for Mercruiser bits http://www.mercruiserengines.co.uk/main.php they are just down the road from me in Bicester.
  8. Morris Man


    Hi, I think this might be the simple answer but have you given Richardsons a ring, if it was one of theres then they will be able to tell you the colour and make. Robin.
  9. Hi, if you are going to use ply then use WBP ply, it stands for water and boil proof, and uses the same resin as marine ply but might have voids in the inter layers can be full of resin. Hope this helps, Robin.
  10. Morris Man

    Engine Servicing

    I was always told in a 4 cylinder engine with 2 valves per cylinder you always used the count of 9, that is when no 1 valve is fully opened you set no 8 no 2 open set no 7 and so on, by open I mean the valve is open. Hopes this helps, Robin
  11. Morris Man

    Which antifoul?

    Evening all, One tip that was given to me was if you wanted a blue antifoul then put a coat of red on first then 2 coats of the blue, then, when you see the red you know that its time to recoat but you still have a coat of antifoul there. Robin
  12. Morris Man

    perkins 4108

    Colin if you can pm me with your email address I will get Clive to send you the information direct to you. Robin
  13. Morris Man

    perkins 4108

    Hi Colin, a friend of ours had a reconditioned 4108 frtted in 2007 donr know who fitted it but can find out if you would like, he is very pleased with the result.Robin.
  14. Morris Man


    Hi Sue and me were on that barge on Saturday and yes its only on the broads for the winter, they are on there way home down to Plymouth, it was built by Sagar Marine in Brighouse and was launched under 12 months ago. Yes it has a "girly"switch, thats a bow thruster, Robin.
  15. Morris Man

    Our Boat Project

    Hi Clive, yes she is The Lizard that was moored at Ludham Bridge for a number of years before she was moved to Acle, done know about the purple as it was green all the time we have known her. Robin.

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