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Equipment on a hire boat

Guest SteveB

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Guest SteveB

Hi All

New to boating and to this forum, boating on the Norfolk Broads is something i always wanted to do and in about 3 weeks time i will be, i have just a couple of questions i would like to ask the knowledgable people on this forum.

1) is there any thing specific i should remenber about tying the boat up at night, i.e. a lot of the broads are tidal i beleive and i am scared of hanging the boat on the side, i will only probably be visiting the northern broads and probably wont go into Great Yarmouth, this is the only thing thats worrying me about the trip.

2) And this one is from the OH, can she use an hairdryer on the boat, i realise that they are only 12 volt supply but will there be one available on the boat. (not that it would be much good at 12V but it will make her happy).

and the last one sorry

3) Can you wear ordinary training shoes on the decks or is it best to buy proper deck shoes??

Sorry for the long email


Steve :?

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Guest SteveB

Sue thanks for the reply i feel a little better now:

We are hiring Brilliant Light 2 from Herbert Woods through Blakes. when you say most boats have a 240 supply these days does that mean that yoou can use a standard hairdryer with a 3 pin plug just like the ones at home??

Thanks Again


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Probably a question best asked of the yard, i.e. what amperage will the 240v supply stand, these are often inverters running off domestic batteries and the use of anything that produces heat will rip the crap out of the batteries or trip the invertor if it is a low power model. You may be lucky and the boat might have 16a shore power and ring main, in which case all you have to do is fight everybody and their dog to get plugged in at a power post. :-D :-D

Have a great time and buy SWMBO some extra towels. :naughty::naughty:

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Hi Steve

Would worry to much about your first hire just take a few minutes to read some of the posts here. Your trip will be a breeze (hopefully not to breezy!) and you'll soon be back on the net trying to book your next hire. Wouldn't even worry to much about the trip to Great Yarmouth to be honest as the gents at the Yacht Harbour will take your lines from you and tie them up to allow for the rise and fall of the tide. Like everyone else has said there isn't really major tides on The Broads but a little slack won't go amiss.

Come back and tell us all about it.



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Hi Steve,

Welcome to the site. As allready said, the Northern rivers are not as tidal as the Southern. What I do when mooring is leave a little slack and before going to bed always check them and alter if needed. Deck shoes/trainers as long as non-slip are OK.

You have asked two very good questions, as if mooring and footwear are taken too lightly they could cause problems. But for the most important question, asked by your OH, a bad hair day is definatley a no no, and the boatyard could supply (probably for a small charge) a hairdrier.

Have a great time, I am sure you will get hooked.


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Hi All

Thanks for all the reply's they have been very helpfull sorry it took a while to respond but i have been working away so this is the first chance i got.

Thannks again


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