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memory in the red!!

Guest pipewelder

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Guest pipewelder


firstly aplogies if posted in wrong area.my p.c has two memory areas the first is now red and hence nearly full.

now, my question is will the p.c automatically switch over to the other or do i help it on its way.real dumbed down answers more than appreciated.



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Guest pipewelder


i wondered how long it would be before the jealously kicked in....i mean how many other club sides have won the world cup???? :trophy

as the more footie minded here may know of our rivalry with a certain club in sth london mi......mill.... wallll, see i can't even write it!!!

i would much rather follow them then le arsenal!!!!! :wave

jill ,thank you you are indeed a lady and should be protected from non west ham types! ;)

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Hi, DO you mean you have a C- Drive and a D- Drive ( a partition on one drive possibly )

So the C drive with all the stuff on is now in the red.

No it wont automaticly move anything, it will say you HD is full.

Just move over any files that are not linked to programs, ie Pictures etc to the D drive, that will free up the C drive.

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ah ha,

a knight in shining armour, brian i have i tunes and i pod can i just move that all over???

oh er and how??



if you move I tunes all over to the D drive you need to inform the itunes program to look at the new location, if not, you wont have any music when you start i tunes.

I personally would reccommend a good clean up on the C drive as that normally sorts out the problem.

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Clearing out temporary internet files is always a useful start.

http://www.ccleaner.com/ is a useful free utility that clears out all sorts of crud.

:goes into old(ish) codger mode:

Who else can remember the days of the Amstrad1512. "By 'eck," we thought, "that there hard drive is 2 Mb, we'll never ever fill that!"

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