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As some of you have now really got "bittern" by the photography bug, another thing to look at or consider is some form of graphic handling program.

There are, in my opinion, two main packages for handling digital images.

The first is Photoshop and all that goes with it.

Secondly is Paint Shop Pro.

I am not going to suggest which is best as I only use one of them.

The package I use is PSP, version 11, there is version 12 out, but I prefer 11 as I find it quicker.

I have used PSP since version 4 back in the 90's and the reason being was cost and availability only.

I know others use Photoshop.

What I am suggesting, if people want any help or advice then they could go to either PSP or Photoshop thread and ask there.

I certainly DO NOT know everything about PSP but may be able to help.

Someone else may be able to do the same if they use Photoshop.

These packages can certainly help with images but they are not a replacement for trying to get things right in the view finder in the first place. :oops:

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As Bruce has mentioned, I use Paint Shop Pro (version Photo X2). I'm still learning, and have read a book cover to cover to try to get to grips with it! I have just made minor tweaks to my photos from the Ramble, just to either sharpen things a little, or adjust the saturation or levels slightly.

On the flip side of the coin from Broads photography though, I am also into portraiture and sometimes hove shoots in a local studio. The following two images have been tweaked in PSP,

This one quite a lot to get the desaturated effect, change her eyes from brown to blue, and make the rose very bright


This one not so much, just a tweak to smooth things out a bit:


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