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oil change

Guest Jonny

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we give curlew regular oil changes but are tyerd of haveing to remove the bed and the wooden panel to get a full side view of the engine and to reach the sump looks now were looking for this part looks like a pump to take out the waste oil through this pump out through nozzle instead of going to the sump.. . where and how much iam looking to buy this part for anybody :?: :?: :?: :?:


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Jonny, David will be able to advise you better than I but these have a good reputation


You need to run the engine first to make the Oil as viscous as possible. The extraction is via the Dipstick vent and is extracted via suction.

You can get an electric version but would suggest that the manual type represent good value for money

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I used the Pela 650 to change the oil on Silver Dream last year, borrowed from Freshwater Cruisers. A few pumps of the handle and oil gets sucked up nicely. No more effort required. But yes, run the engines up nice and warm before doing it all you'll be there until next season.

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Hi Jonny

Yea a pump is a good plan. but you know I am one of those guys who spends four times as long trying to be lazy and take a short cut, that back panel on the Calypso is a point in question. I have tried to do a number of things that would have been much easier with the panel removed, trying to lie on the engine and reach through the hatch etc, I am slowly learning that its quicker and easier to mover the bed and take the confounded panel out.

Any one else got any ideas where the continue to take the lazy way out and it turns out harder?


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Hi Gordon if you know where i can get one of those oil changing things cheap don't minds if its used.

Gordon to continue the lazy theme. changing the belts is a swine to get on as the engine is mounted sideways on are calypso there is a point to put grease in the first in in the rear cabin there are two floor hatched there grease thingy is the one closest to the engine hatch there right at the back if you follow the shaft it goes through to the engine there is another nipple.


do i grease this nipple?

whats it for?

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Hi Sorry cannot help on either count, those quoted on an earlier reply looked the answer and the price did not seem bad, I imagine you are looking for a permanent fixture like the one in the picture, I believe you have a BMC captain, I have no idea whether you can fit one but there will be a lot of folks on this and the other forum who will know the answer. If so it's a ring round to the older yards with well stocked junk pilesWe have a Perky on our calypso and that has a pump.. pure magic. Sorry cannot help you with the grease thing, are they on the prop shaft? never hurt to put a squirt of grease in a grease nipple though, although I did know a guy who bought an old Austin dutifully went round with a grease gun to all the grease nipples as you had to in those days and tried to grease the brake bleed nips as well, fortunately you cannot get much in em

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