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Wire Splicing

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:grin: Ok! I've got a couple of wires I have to splice into, main one being the bilge pump, anyone got any idea of the best way to connect into the existing wire, I ask because I've never been a lover of the scotch block type connector and don't trust them, do they do some sort of two into one wire crimp connector,, :?


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There are a number of options but my preffered method would be crimp butt connectors, strip 5 to 8mm of insulation from the main cable (no need to cut it) at the place you wish to tap. Then twist the conductor into an end which will go into the connector. Insert the end of the branch into the other end of the connector and crimp. The connectors to use are adhesive lined heat shrink insulated, not only do these secure the cable well but will keep out moisture. Just a reminder to make sure that the upstream cable will still cope with both it’s original load but also the new load. And of course ...... [mantra on] well you know the rest :naughty:

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:grin: Oh! the fully tinned cable God :bow thats the sort of thing I was thinking about Antares just wasn't sure two wires would fit into one butt terminal, as the cable is for the bilge pump, it's a link cable in the poss side from the bilge pump to to the float switch, I be using normal crimps and adhesive shrink tube for a watertight connection, I love my crimps and use them for everything, I even use crimp pins for anything held by a screw, and bullets for anything that I may need to disconnect covered with normal heatshrink tube, the best bit of kit I ever bought was the proper crimping tool, cost me about £20 twenty years ago, but boy has that earnt it's money back,, :clap Oh! and I usualy buy my crimps and stuff from this place,, http://www.thewiringproject.co.uk/default.asp
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