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Parking Charges at Oulton Broad


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Bearing in mind that Beccles seems to have altered its car parking charges from up to 3 hrs and then 3 hrs and over to just plain a selection of choices up to 2 hrs and no more (no wonder the car park is empty, you can park for free in Tescos up to 3 hrs, well done Waveney District Council) , is it the same for the car park behind the loos at the Harbour, does anyone know please?



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It's the same in most towns now, Lichfield charge 90p per hour, pay up front, and Tesco has a huge part covered car park, free for three hours, a few hundred metres away.

The railway car park opposite the Lichfield multistory is cheaper for half a day or more.

Most Supermarkets that are forced to charge, offer a concession / refund to shoppers spending in their shop.

I bet the local shops are up in arms about this. Then the councils wonder why high streets are dying out. You only have to look at the percentage of charity shops out there, I guess they are not paying the full rates either.

Oh.. did you mean Beccles, only the title says Oulton Broad?

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No I did mean Oulton Broad ,   both Beccles and Oulton come under Waveney District Council so if a Council car park it will apply to all.   Rules is Rules and all that nonsense , which as you say is killing the High Street.   We are very lucky in Beccles , all our little bespoke shops still are doing well.  It is like stepping back in time compared to most Market Towns..  



I was thinking of booking the Water Taxi at Oulton Broad just for a trip out to Lake Loathing and back.   If you cannot park for longer than 2 hours then it would be a no no.

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