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  1. Cheers folks! The wedding won't be for a couple of years yet, we're going to have to do some saving up for that first, but I think you can guess where we'll be going on the honeymoon. :)
  2. Well for those of you still following this old thread... We made it down to Salhouse on Monday with our tent, on the anniversary of our getting together. While sitting on a bench at the edge of the Broad, reminiscing about times gone by, I popped the question. She said yes. :)
  3. Fair do's, not worth spending a fortune on if you only use it now and again. For a cheap lightweight option though, you could buy just the furry windshield bit off ebay for a few pounds and attach it to your camera's mic. If the mic is built into the body of the camera (by which I mean it's flush and doesn't stick out), you can cut a small square of the furry stuff out, apply a little glue around the sides of the mic grille, and stick a patch of fur over the top. Costs less than a fiver, and won't add to the weight and bulk of the cam. Anyway, the wind noise is just nit-picking, great video though! Look forward to the next one...
  4. Great video! Some cracking wildlife shots there, particularly liked that little grebe trying to swallow a fish! Regarding the wind noise that you mentioned, what camera did you film this with? If it's got a mic socket, I'd heartily recommend an external mic. I use a Rode Stereo Videomic Pro, with what they charmingly describe as a "dead kitten" attached, bolted onto the top of the camera. The difference in sound quality is like the difference between night and day when there's even a little bit of wind blowing.
  5. She's not a member of this forum by the way, but keep it under your hat hehe... :)
  6. We shall see eh! Hoping to get to Salhouse for a camping weekend in september, that's where we first became "official".
  7. Aye, we don't make a bad team I guess. Planning on asking her a fairly important question in the next month or two actually... ;)
  8. Is it just me, or do fryups just seem to taste better when you're on a boat? :)
  9. Nice one Robin, great video as always! As far as budget boats go, I rather like these bathtubs. Yeah the view is a bit low, but they're so comfortable to live on. Growing up I remember we used to hire a lot of ageing centre-cockpit cruisers, and I remember how draughty they could be at night, especially the ones that used fabric or plastic sheeting at the rear of the sliding canopy. You could be all cosy in the main living area, then it was a mad dash over the freezing cold cockpit area to get to the forward cabin! None of that in the bathtubs though, nice and warm all the way through... To quote Alan Partridge: "It might look a bit poky from the outside, but a Richardson’s boat is deceptively large. My wife and I found it actually offers the kind of luxury and comfort you’d normally associate with a good quality static caravan."
  10. A cunning plan! Still trying to talk my folks into coming along one year...
  11. Yes, I did look into canal boating a couple of years ago - living as we do in Stoke on Trent there's plenty of waterways nearby, but after looking at prices we soon realised that the Broads was still the best bet by far!
  12. Alas yes - affording one week a year is tight, let alone two hehe! When I was a kid in the 80s, my parents chose the Broads because it was a relatively cheap week's holiday, sadly that no longer seems to be the case... :)
  13. Yeah there's no mistaking the sound of a Phantom taking off is there!
  14. Yes, I found it amongst a box of old paperwork and stuff that I was sorting out.
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