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  1. Agree not cramped but when we used to hire Gardenia Girl from Summercraft I used to stand up most of the time if it wasn't raining, you will find that with the canopy closed you have to duck down a bit to see sideways. Really loved that design and they handle really well even without a bow thruster.
  2. BryanW

    Learning The Ropes

    I am a long time hirer and couldn't agree more. Meg I am pretty sure that Robin did a video when he hired a similar boat from Barnes, could be worth looking at that.
  3. Can't say for Swan Romance but Swan Roamer has the engine mid-ships in the Galley and is quiet but with Romance having the extra cabin could be under the bed as "SwanR" says for Reflection. As far as 240V sockets are concerned Roamer had one in the Galley and two behind the TV in the Saloon, can't remember if there is one in the bedroom or not. Could be worth emailing Ricko's if you don't get an answer on here.
  4. Yes, they are both of the same design (hull & superstructure) but differ internally. Although we prefer a walk round bed I was a bit concerned with Swan Ranger about the lack of headroom (6ft but long body) when sitting up in bed as we do like a coffee in bed in the morning and the fact that the escape hatch will drip condensation during the night also it doesn't look as if the after cabin is particularly usable as a double. With Moon Enterprise we could split up at night if necessary which we have done in the past on some boats. If we had had a bit more time to make a decision I would have asked questions on here but was concerned that with the situation as it is more people would be looking to book for September.
  5. We were due for two holidays this year on Swan Roamer, April and June. The April one was cancelled (Covid-19 lockdown) so we moved all payments to the June (6th) one and paid the little remaining money on the invoice. On Wednesday we received the email from Richardsons about our options for June, initially we decided to 'sit on it' in the vague hope that it might be able to go ahead but yesterday changed our minds and thought about the possibility of September. Looked at their web site to see what boat options there were, no Swan Roamer or similar available but Swan Ranger and Moon Enterprise were with Moon Enterprise being a week earlier so telephoned Richardsons, phone answered very promptly which I was not expecting, and requested the transfer which was done with no hassle at all, I didn't even query the price but just went for it. Received the email confirmation a few minutes later and was most surprised to see that everything including all discounts (2nd holiday in the year etc) had been transferred and the net invoice was zero (having previously paid for June). I regard this as excellent service that goes way beyond what I expected, very well done. Hopefully now we will get our Broads fix this year after all.
  6. Hi Jean. Assume Richardsons are still providing towels? We are up end of April on Swan Roamer assuming we are not confined to home since we are over 70.
  7. My thoughts exactly, same as hand washing; you open the door with contaminated hands, you turn the tap on, you use the soap dispenser and wash your hands perfectly clean, close the tap (hands now contaminated again), close the door (hands now contaminated again). How far can you go unless all doors, taps and soap dispensers are all sensor operated.
  8. Hi John You made a good choice with Swan Roamer, we have hired her four times in the last two years and have her again next year and have booked for 2021. If you search the forum for Swan Roamer or under my name in Holiday Tales you will find my write ups and videos. We have found Richardson's to be very good and if you need extra ropes or blankets just ask the guy who does the handover also they provide towels plus the bed is made up on arrival. The saloon is large but no drawers or storage space in it but the bedroom does have sufficient, there is a dining area with stools and a hinged fold down table. The Airing Cupboard is very useful with the Calorifier directly underneath it. Just be aware that the electric toilet uses a lot of water, we generally have a pump out every 4 days and have not filled the holding tank yet but do try to be economical in the toilets use. We have never used the whirlpool bath as such but suspect you may need to refill the water tank afterwards even though the boat seems to have a fairly large one with gauge (that may work or not). The electric hookup is purely for the built in battery charger and a fairly short cable is supplied. I should also say that the heating is very powerful with outlets in the saloon, bedroom and bathroom, the draught proofing is also first class. Have a good holiday
  9. BryanW


    I'm not surprised, actually I expected it a few years ago since Sue told us when we last hired from her that the plan was to slowly sell the boats and then turn the yard into a private marina. It should make a lovely permanent mooring spot and be far less hassle for her. I hope she treats her loyal customers (and staff) better than Royal's did when they sold out to Barnes.
  10. Got my doubts there. Had to call them out a few times for heating and badly dripping Stern Gland but the worst was a fan belt failure about 2 hours after picking the boat up, a simple visual check by an engineer and that would not have happened. Don't get me wrong, I liked Summercraft and would still recommend them, we only changed in order to get a walk round bed and a bow thruster.
  11. I am very surprised at this, we have charged toothbrushes, shavers, phones, cameras and camcorders from the 240v inverter supply on numerous boats including Swan Roamer and Swan Radiance and never had a problem. Could it have been pure coincidence?
  12. I have a fold down table that would be ideal if anybody is re-fitting a bath tub and has space against a bulkhead for a small eating area. Overall size is 52cm deep (from wall) by 81cm wide, the actual folding section is 41cm by 81cm. Unfortunately this would need collecting from Cambridge (north side, just off the A14). I am not in a rush to get rid of it but eventually it will go to the tip which seems a shame.
  13. We do like Roamer and it does mean a very short handover. No offence taken. We have our favourite spots but do like the section above Wroxham but would not want to essentially waste two days in a week going south. Wroxham Bridge can be a problem with the height of Roamer at 7ft but recently the weather (and bridge clearance) has not been our friend, we did intend to try this time and also wanted Cockshoot but decided that it would be too wet and cold for any insects be about.
  14. On Swan Roamer (identical to Rapture except the stern) we also employ 'pump-out delaying techniques' as per Griff's quote in the past. When starting on a Saturday we have a pump out on Wednesday and if starting on Tuesday we make it Sunday. These toilets do use a lot of water and it would be very useful to know how many flushes you have then you could count or if you knew the holding tank capacity you good make an estimate of the number. On Roamer in addition to the big red lamp there is a much smaller light in the push button panel which we have never seen change from green, it may also be an indicator that might change to amber and then red, I don't know. A Richardson's engineer did tell me that the electric hook-up just powers a battery charger but the cable is quite short so the stern needs to be very close to the electric post as I found out the other week The only indication you will see in the boat that it is connected and charging is that the two voltmeters will show 14V instead of just over 12V.
  15. Hi Fred It's good to put faces to names and good to meet you. We didn't move away from Silver Cloud to give us more space, the electric cable is rather short on Swan Roamer so had to move to reach the post.
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