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  1. Indeed, so do I having hired Swiftway 2 in 1990, our third time on The Broads (if you exclude going with my parents late 50s early 60s), been going once or twice every year since. As somebody else said these were on Loch Lomond and then came to The Broads where the fixed roof was cut off and hinged so that it could be lowered for Ludham Bridge. I remember that roof was an absolute pain to hinge down, far too heavy, and even worse to put back up, I remember having to get assistance, since my wife is only 5'2", to get it back up, I think it was finally removed and replaced with a canvas ca
  2. My wife and I both had our Pfizer jabs at our local surgery on Wednesday, very easy booking having had a text message with a link to the booking page. Well organised when we got there and no reactions at all apart from a slightly sore arm.
  3. Yes, Polaroids fade very quickly. If the slides were taken on Kodachrome of Ilfrochrome and providing they have not attracted any mould they will be as good as new but if Ektachrome was used then they are likely to have faded. Software can do wonders once you have them in digital form. If you do have mould spots then a light wipe with alcohol (ethanol preferably or propanol) will help but do a test on an unimportant one first or it's down to a lot of work removing the spots in software. Some scanning software does have a spot removal function but it is quite slow at working.
  4. I'll second that and available for Mac or PC, bit of a learning curve though. I use Final Cut Pro (Mac only) but it is pricey, on a Mac I would probably use iMovie if I wanted free software but I have had FCP for a long time now and got it at a good price. For music I use "https://incompetech.com/music/" but it can be a little repetitive.
  5. That is standard wording because inverters are relatively low power and rely on the batteries, I don’t know how much power a nebuliser takes but if you wanted to fun it overnight I guess it would result in a flat battery, not good if you are dependant on it.
  6. Swan Roamer is provided with a cable but as far as I understood from a Richardson’s engineer it is only for the onboard battery charger. As far as I could ascertain that was true, certainly no change over switch (shore to inverter). I would be very very surprised if Star Gem had any type of shore power, I would assume that 240v system just means it has domestic type sockets powered by an inverter just for phone/camera charging etc. Moon Enterprise, that we had this year, did have full shore power with a changeover switch (and cable) although the engineer that did the handover failed to
  7. That is what I would assume, when we had Shore Power connected I had the 3 way switch to "Shore Power".
  8. Hi Jean Although Moon Beam and Enterprise are both similar according to Craig's database Beam is an ex-Swancraft boat while Enterprise was fitted out by Moonfleet. Strange that the engineer said that you had the wrong cable (assume shore cable) since they all appear to be the standard industrial blue plug/socket type 16 or 32 Amp. Moon Enterprise had a 3 way rotary switch Shore Power / Off / Inverter. when we on Shore Power the 240V sockets were live with the separate Inverter switch set to OFF, so I'm fairly convinced that the battery charger switch or fuse (should have checked
  9. A bit different this year having had our April and June holidays on Swan Roamer cancelled due to Covid-19. Once it was obvious that June was going to be cancelled we looked to September, the only two boats available that we fancied were Swan Ranger and Moon Enterprise and Moon Enterprise won being a week earlier, had what I regarded as a better layout and a Mud Weight winch. This will be a fairly short writeup with a link at the end to the video which is also a bit different with more photos of us, also, apologies for the wind noise and a few clips where the focus is not perfect I
  10. Agree not cramped but when we used to hire Gardenia Girl from Summercraft I used to stand up most of the time if it wasn't raining, you will find that with the canopy closed you have to duck down a bit to see sideways. Really loved that design and they handle really well even without a bow thruster.
  11. I am a long time hirer and couldn't agree more. Meg I am pretty sure that Robin did a video when he hired a similar boat from Barnes, could be worth looking at that.
  12. Can't say for Swan Romance but Swan Roamer has the engine mid-ships in the Galley and is quiet but with Romance having the extra cabin could be under the bed as "SwanR" says for Reflection. As far as 240V sockets are concerned Roamer had one in the Galley and two behind the TV in the Saloon, can't remember if there is one in the bedroom or not. Could be worth emailing Ricko's if you don't get an answer on here.
  13. Yes, they are both of the same design (hull & superstructure) but differ internally. Although we prefer a walk round bed I was a bit concerned with Swan Ranger about the lack of headroom (6ft but long body) when sitting up in bed as we do like a coffee in bed in the morning and the fact that the escape hatch will drip condensation during the night also it doesn't look as if the after cabin is particularly usable as a double. With Moon Enterprise we could split up at night if necessary which we have done in the past on some boats. If we had had a bit more time to make a decision I wo
  14. We were due for two holidays this year on Swan Roamer, April and June. The April one was cancelled (Covid-19 lockdown) so we moved all payments to the June (6th) one and paid the little remaining money on the invoice. On Wednesday we received the email from Richardsons about our options for June, initially we decided to 'sit on it' in the vague hope that it might be able to go ahead but yesterday changed our minds and thought about the possibility of September. Looked at their web site to see what boat options there were, no Swan Roamer or similar available but Swan Ranger and Moon Ente
  15. Hi Jean. Assume Richardsons are still providing towels? We are up end of April on Swan Roamer assuming we are not confined to home since we are over 70.
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