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fridge repairs

Guest stopper1941

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Guest stopper1941

Good evening,

My boat Penguin has a fridge--it can, if it worked, run by using gas,12 volt or 240 volt I don't seem to make it work on any of them :( Does any body know of a person who will come out to look and maybe repair it. I am based at Beccles but in a couple of weeks I plan to start a two month cruise :dance:dance:dance

brian :Stinky

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Sorry but we dont touch the gas ones.

You could try a large boat yard to see who they use ?

ITs more than likely that any cost of repair, would be the same as a new fridge.

I had a boat one in a few weeks ago, it was a 12v one with R134a refrigerant ( only about 2 years old)

compressor and controller were at fault. New compressor i was quoted £275 !!! control board £110 !!!

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Guest chriscraft


sounds like an old absorbtion fridge,very inificient ,if it,s had it you could use the old case,and put in a new isotherm evaprator,and a new remote comppressor in it ,this saves trying to fit a new fridge in the space left for it,be warned though there not cheap!!.They do come with gas already charged and you have a reusable plug to conect /disconect.They are very efficient though and the smallest model only uses 0.2 amps per hour when up and running.Will try to find link

cheers trev

http://www.mailspeedmarine.com/refriger ... 8067.bhtml

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Sounds like a caravan fridge we had which ran on 240 or gas but 12 volt just kept it topped up for the journey home. When we bought the caravan it would not work although in lit on gas and used 240v. | was advised to leave it upside down for a couple of days to clear air locks and after that it ran fine. It worked on gravity and did not have a compressor.

Hope this helps.

Jonathan :Stinky

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i remember a fridge repair man once telling me that they used to take the fridges for a bit of a run across rough ground,

give it a good bouncing about and that that usualy did the trick :lol:


Fancy a run to southwold that should shake it up in these easterly winds :lol:


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