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Doing some stuff on You Tube today and I stumbled across the following bit of footage which jumped out at me a little because of a recent conversation with another member who has just bought one of these boats. My interested piqued, I decided to watch the whole video.

What I would like to know if whether anyone can identify that stretch of water which features from 2 mins 44 through to the end. It's obviously a UK river but which one.... and why I can't I be based there? It looks like fun! :naughty:

And if Mark sees this, the last section of footage (the bit I am talking about) is shot from a Picton Spirit 3000 which, if you do want to check out a sports cruiser, would be a good starting point as their interior space is unrivalled on a boat of its size.

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Thanks Phil. Was thinking the first bit was the Humber as it appears to show the Humber Bridge but it was that bit after 2 mins 44 I wasn't so sure - I can't seem to trace that road bridge that appears in the background as being anywhere on the Humber. Hopefully Jonathan can help....

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Yes - and it appears from 19-25 secs. However the bit from 2 mins 44 is the bit that I am trying to identify and the bridge in that is a concrete road bridge.... like the Tay Bridge or the M2 over the Medway (though it is neither of those two bridges). Hence why I am asking.

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the 1st shot is hull marina with the spurn light ship in the back ground.

that 1st bridge is the humber and id guess that the second was possibly on the trent.

me on the humber, 1st crewing a friends boat from newark to be layed up in hull marina

then on my own boat a couple of years later, from hull marina to nottingham.

bilgefairy got her 1st driving lesson on that trip from one of the crew.




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