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ignition probelm

Guest Jupiter Mist

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Hi guys,

can you help???

One of my Kad32's seems to have an ignition fault. When I turn the key, absolutely nothing happens even the battery meter on the main panel doesnt drop a milliamp!

Having had a look at the engine, there is a fuse reset switch box located on top of . After depressing this a number of times, the engine then started as normal. But then after turning off and trying to restart...same problem. A closer inspection of the black box and nothing looks obviously wrong.

Insde the box, apart from wire there are three components, and I suspect one of them is at fault. Theres a fuse reset switch mechanism, what appears to be a relay of somekind, and a box that looks like it might be some kind of ICU.

Any clues as to what might be happening?

adam... :pirate :pirate :pirate

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EDC is the forerunner of EVC Adam, just electrical shifts and some other controls, I refer to the throttles.

Can you identify anything from the attached exploded diagram.

If not do you know anybody that’s handy with a camera to take a shot of the (allegedly) offending installation. :naughty:


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wow thankyou!

Yup thats exactly the one I am talking about and my thoughts are that part 9 (fuse reset), part 16 (a relay I think) and Part 10 (no doubt the most expensive bit!!!) are possible cause. Perhaps it just a faulty fuse reset (I hope).

The trottles are mechanical (morse).

kind rgds


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Guest chriscraft

hi,try unpluging one at a time, and see if the overload popa after each one,you may have something silly wrong like a shorted glow plug,it may not be any of the relays atall

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OK, swap the suspected parts over from the other engine, one at a time and that should identify the culprit, try to start each engine, give all the contacts a good clean at the same time as it may even be just a poor connection.

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Just seen a similar diagram on marineparts europe website and the part number 10 is a rotation speed relay, and at 340 euros I hope its not this bit!


Just in case it is then they're $ 223.94 from the septics Adam, get yourself a few cruising spares at the same time and it makes the shipping worthwhile. Often arrive faster than trying to get parts in UK too.

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All great advice. The guages do come on perfectly when the key is turned.

Which site do you recommend for spares david?

Ian...you are so NOT having my new toy!!!! two gunstwo guns

adam...(leroy bling!) :pirate :pirate :pirate

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hi guys....

well i think we may have solved the problem.

It seems to be the relay. Having followed Davids advice to swap over the components from the other engine I noticed that the other units relay was bolted to the metal casing, whereas the faulty one was not. It appears that its mounting has broken. Now, relays in car engines are normally just a plug in affair and the its the "socket" thats bolted on, but not in this case. Its the relay thats bolted and the "socket" is freestanding. So my assumption is that the relay requires an earth by way of this fixing.

Sorry about the poor terminology (ooo thats a pun not intended :naughty: ) but when we held the relay to the broken fixing the engines consistently fired up successfully. When the connection to the fixing didnt meet, then engines starter motor did not engage.

The fixing appears to be a component of the relay so although the relay in itselfs is working, I assume that I will have to purchase a complete new unit with its fixing.

I will check all this out with Volvo tommorrow, but if anyone has any comments to confirm or deny my findings it would be good to hear from you.

"bling" is back on the broads!!! :pirate :pirate :pirate

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Sounds exactly right Adam, you may be able to source the relay at other than VP prices if you can identify it by any markings present. If you had an older smaller engined boat and were simply using it on the river I might even suggest that you contrive your own earth for it. But It's not, you're not, so I won't.

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