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'secured By Design' Approved Security Device - The Cube.


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The Cube is a battery or mains powered portable computer which provides instantly deployable security.

The Cube has a night time IR camera, a PIR motion sensor, a shock senor, a temperature sensor, Bluetooth and GPS tracking.

The Cube is a buddy for your smartphone. If anyone moves in front of The Cube or moves it, you will be sent an alert to your phone within 60 seconds. The alert will contain a date and time stamped photo, show GPS location, and which sensor was triggered.

As you know, this information is not only vital to police investigations but you will know instantly when someone has opened a gate, walked onto your boat or even knocked your boat. 

The Cube connects to the mobile network with a cross network SIM and uses 2G data transmissions and therefore it works in the most remote locations without the need for WIFI.

You can buy additional 'bluetooth shock sensors' which can be attached to individual pieces of equipment, door handles or a motor etc and if they are moved, The Cube detects this and sends you an alert informing you exactly which tag was moved. The Cube can monitor up to 10 tags in 50 metre clear line of sight. However, the more tags you have the slower the alert to your phone - as the cube is checking all tags.

The Cube could be mounted outside in our waterproof enclosure, looking at a line of boats which each have a bluetooth tag attached. If one of the tags moves The Cube will detect this and alert you exactly which tag moved. The Cube could sit on a boat and if someone walks onto it an alert is sent to the owner and security team. 


Lastly, The Cube can connect to a 'Float Switch' which is a device that can be mounted to your boat to detect when water in the bilge area reaches a notifiable high level. It is connects with The Cube via Bluetooth, if the water level rises and alert is sent to your phone within 90 seconds. Therefore, The Cube provides security and monitoring for your boat.


You can watch a video an find more information on our website: www.uwatch.co.uk and check out the attached brochure.



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While it is good to see innovation, and thanks too Stuart as well for drawing our attention to these devices having had a look at the website and camera, it really has all the looks of something that could have only been made in Britain – in a shed. But that is what we do so well here, and some go on to become great things and others are left behind once the idea is out and others copy them.

I know in saying this I appear to be putting the device down without even taking time to try it, or understand all of it capabilities but I just wanted to share my initial reaction to this. You see, it not cheap to buy, and looks for all the world as if was made on a home brew 3D printer. 

Some of the features it has which are said to be boons are to my mind just the opposite. Try and send a photo from your phone you’ve taken when you are not connected to 3G/4G data – it takes ages and ages because the top speed in practice is 40 kbit/s – and the smaller resolution you make the photo to send faster, the less definition the photo has and then how good will that be to use to identify someone? And that is another thing, it is only a photo not a short video clip or live streamed video.

When you factor in the case for the camera that is another £28.00, data plan and SIM, the extra Bluetooth sensors the cost keeps going up – I can see no information as to the resolution of the photos or a ‘real world’ example neither can I find anything about it, reviews or peoples experiences online. It to me therefore sounds like a bit of expensive leap of faith it will work as intended and be of good quality.

For about £100.00 you can buy a far more feature richer camera which uses a SIM card but also has the ability for WiFi too – either way you can stream live video as well as snapshot photos. This is a massive market that began not so long back but now is growing year on year with more and more options – from doorbells that stream video and sound to solar powered security cameras and more. So much is coming to market and the Chinese have got their teeth into this in a big way and the prices are falling as a result.

I think it is a great idea, but something that would need to go on Dragons Den to get some funding to improve the look of the device and manufacture because as it stands I has great potential but is just too pricey for what you get.

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