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Switch wiring on Seamaster 23

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Our Seamaster 23 has 3 pull-type instrument panel switches. When we bought her two were broken and all the nav lights were wired to the third one. The only Seamaster wiring diagram (for 23/27 models) I have been able to view shows only two switches, with the side lights wired to one and the masthead and stern lights on the other. Since none of the nav lights would be used in isolation I can't see why they would have been controlled separately.

Does anyone know what the original wiring arrangement would have been and what the third switch was used for? One of the switches has been wired to a socket in the deck at the bow, presumably for a headlight. I don't think this was original as the cable used is round rubber-sheathed stuff like old twin-core mains. The anchor light is controlled by a separate toggle switch located behind the console in the heads compartment. Would this have originally been on the third pull switch?

The boat is 1973 vintage with a Perkins 4.108.

Any help will be gratefully received.


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Can’t really speak for the Seamaster specifically but the usual arrangement is two switches, riding light (masthead) only or all. As you say the only separate lamp that would be needed is the riding light. Of course another reason is to have them switched and fused separately so in the event of a fault then at least you would have something.

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Thanks for the replies. I am a member of the Seamaster Club and have posted on their forum with no response so far.

This isn't a major issue and I can obviously 'do my own thing' with it but I was just curious to know what the original arrangement might have been.

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:) Chances are the third switch was or is for the windscreen wiper! on my Seamaster 813 I have four switches, one for left wiper, one for right wiper, one for running lights and one for the masthead light, there is also a fifth switch on my panel at the top that is for the instrument lights, hope that helps,,

Regards Frank,,,

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Hi Frank,

Thanks for the reply. The wiper switch is the chrome pull switch (forgot about that - four pull switches in all :oops: ) at the top of my photo next to the Seamaster badge (only one wiper on the 23). On our boat the instrument illumination is by a map light with it's own switch - don't know if that's original. None of the instruments are fitted with internal illumination.

It's unfortunate there aren't any other 23's in our vicinity that I can compare with although there probably aren't many left in original condition anyway.

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