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Engine Modifications


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When I bought my boat in Brighton it was a shell with new windows and rubbers on the floor inside. It came with a trailer and an engine, not attached to the boat.

The engine was/is an Evinrude 35 HP two stroke from 1978  and had a tiller fitted. Most of the early work was on the boat and the trailer.

But a couple of years later I got fed up with the pull starter. I yearned for electric start!   I kept looking on e-blag for an Evinrude starter motor.

I knew it could be done because below the pull starter was a starter gear ring. Evenentualy I found one but off a 60HP Evinrude. I took the chance.

So with bits of metal and MiG welder I made some brackets and it worked!!!    It may look a bit rough but it was difficult to hold everything in the right place and weld it at the same time.

But I still had a problem. The 'generator' on the engine only put out enough power for a 10 watt light bulb. Tape measure out again and looking up specs on alternators to find

something that would fit at the back above the carburetter.  It came down to a Russian alternator for a 1972 Lada Niva. Next obtain a pulley from e-blag, remove the pull start

 and align and drill and tap the flywheel to fit the pulley.   Again make brackets to mount the alternator and fit a belt.  Oh dear! The cover won't fit!

So, cut a big hole in the cover and re-model with glass fibre. I'd not done this before but I think it turned out OK.   White paint and stickers from E-blag and I think it looks OK!

Key start from the helm and a 55 amp alternator.  Luxury!!!              Below are the pictures in order. (I hope)!


The original engine.



The starter fitted.



Alternator fitted. (Temporary belt).



Finnished job!  Works for me!

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That moulding don't look half bad Clive, a sort of pregnant evinrude....

Was that the motor you extended the leg on? (or was it a shortening job, memory's going with age).

I'm surprised that alternator gets enough cooling airflow under there, how long has it been like that?

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No the outboard I shortened was a 4 HP  Nylanbolan(?) made in Holland Dave. I sold it to someone in St Neots!

It got replaced with an electric outboard.

I think it was 2017 when I did the Evinrude. Seems to be OK.

I just wraped the alternator end with some foam and covered it in some plastic film the laid up some glass fibre.

I then laid up some more inside and then filler on the outside. Rubbed it down and sprayed it from a rattle can.

Two batteries on a split charge system, one purely for engine starting. The other supplies the XP computer, (charts, music etc), lighting, stereo, GPS, fish finder/sounder, AIS, all the other services and 1200Watt inverter.

Sort of added to it over the years!



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