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Brian J.

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Does anyone on the forum know where I can get a lightweight collapsible or folding gangplank?

I saw one on a boat at Ranworth in October last year but did not get a chance to speak to the owner at that time. It looked as if it was made from carbon fibre - though I may be wrong on that score - which would make it very light, just what I want. Unfortunately if it was carbon that would possibly make it quite expensive as well! Also I will need a mudweight, ideas of cost and weight to hold a 23 footer would be appreciated.

Brian J. :?:?

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How wide do you want your gangplank to be? In the past, before my Dad had his hip replacement done, he was unable to stride the gap to get onboard a hireboat we had, so we bought a 14ins wide aluminum motorcyle ramp which was strong but lightweight, and folded in the middle to stow under a 6ft side bench with ease. They have rubber type prongs at one end and lashing straps to fix them firmly to the side of the boat or trailer, or even used it to get him up a small flight of steps once, the other end has small d shaped feet for the ground side, all surfaces are non slip.

I still have mine, but i eventually bought a pair to load a mobility scooter into the boot of my car by placing the prongs onto my rear sil just above the bumper, they can be bought from most motorbike accesory shops or of e-bay where i bought mine for about £120 for the pair. for a wider ramp it would be possible to leish them both together from the underside.

Julz :wave

Edit to say woops! :oops: I didnt spot the link to the quadbike ramps on the previous post, they are quite like mine, and work well, but now i have seen the price of those, i think i was Stung a bit ! :naughty:

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I bought a lightweight alumium folding ramp a couple of years ago from one of the ebay sellers for £49.99.

I use it mainly to push lightweight motorbikes onto a trailer and out of the rear personal door of my garage, which has two steps up to it. It's been useful for wheelbarrows too.

I've used it a few times on the boat though, to make life easier for a friend's aged dog to walk straight into the boat through the stern door from the quay heading. It's 6 feet long open, and 3 ft when folded. Despite being very lightweight, it bears my 15 stone with no signs of straining :) .

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