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  1. The xc 60 with the heated seats works wonders for my back. Did a run up to the Peak District a couple of weeks ago and returned 52 mpg. The geartronic 8 speed auto box is so smooth that you don't notice it changing. By the way, the performance is better than my old Mini Cooper S with 0 - 60 figure of under 8 seconds so I have the best of both worlds, comfort and economy, and speed. That blue badge does come in handy!!
  2. I have moderate mobility problems and after a lot of humming and haaing I opted for the Volvo xc60. What a great car. Very comfortable with just one little niggle - it is quite a wide sill, so I tend to rub my trousers on the sill when getting out. No problem when the car is clean and dry, but can mark when dirty or wet.
  3. I suppose you could always take that old 1960's drink to bed with you. A snowball for the youngsters on here was a ladies drink of choice in those days.
  4. Dinna tak frit lad, dinna tak frit, tis ony a hieland coo.
  5. As above. It was very unusual for other half to agree to them coming down before 12th night.
  6. I reckon that with a fair bit of speed and a bit of rough water that thing might start to resemble a submarine.
  7. I can second the hot and cold method. Hot water bottle for 10 minutes and then an ice pack fo 10 minutes - repeated. As said before, although it hurts like hell, excercise and not slouching. It seems like a lot of people on this furum have suffered, and are suffering with back pain. I think this could be an age related thing although I have had a "bad back" since my late twenties (nearly 50 years ago)!!!
  8. I had a bow thruster on my last boat. Didn't use it too much, but coming in to a mooring only a couple of feet longer than the boat it was great. Nose in , helm over to bring the stern in and a bit of thrust to stop the bow from swinging out. Plus as others have said, it was nice to be able to make the boat go sideways! Entertaining for the gawkers.
  9. A couple of BBMF Spitfires are doing a flypast for us at Aerobility Blackbushe today at 1330. :clap :clap
  10. Well, flight over. What an amazing aircraft, built like a tractor and sounds like one. Managed to get the owner to let me do all the flying except take off and landing. Flew down to Greenham Common for some clear air space and then threw it about a bit..Negative and positive 'g' in some wing overs - 3 'g' positive and 1 1/2 negative. Loops and barrel rolls next time. Got back to the airfield to find a problem with the landing gear - oops. We had done the entire flight with the gear down. Never mind all was well in the end. Looking forward to the next time.
  11. I've been lucky enough to have flown several types of aircraft in the last ten years or so, doing various semi aerobatic manoevres within the limits of the aircraft limits. Felt sick many years ago when I wasn't actually flying - just a passenger. This will be only the secnd a/c that I have flown that is fully aerobatic.
  12. Had to share this. On Monday 29th, I am flying a Yak 52, a 70's Russian trainer. I'm not sure what I will be allowed to do as I will be flying with the owner but hopefully he will let me throw it around a bit. Can't wait! :dance
  13. Hi, I've only just seen this thread so please forgive me if I am repeating an earlier post. I also have a scooter that dismantles into four parts and found that it took an enormous amount of boot space. My solution was to buy a Luggie scooter - ( not cheap ) but folds in about 30 seconds, can be taken on coaches, planes and trains. Weighs about 50 lb, carries up to 18 stones and has a range of around 12 miles. It only takes up about a third of my boot space ( Citroen C4 ). You can find them on Ebay for around £1,000.00 mark for a reasonable one.
  14. I can't remember the website, but a company called 'Tony Tug Boats' is usually very competetive on price and extremely careful with your pride and joy. Moved my Freeman for me a few years ago.
  15. I was taught the other way of catching the haggis. As you say, go out onto the hillside at night, but take a friend. When you spot a haggis coming round the hill, jump out with a great Scottish HALOOOO. the haggis will tack frit and turn round to run away but the short leg will then be on the downhill side resulting in it falling over and rolling downhill into the net that your friend was wielding. Job done.
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