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  1. Sounds delicious. I especially like the idea of using blue cheese.
  2. Bonzo


    Thank you Herbert Woods your actions are much appreciated. Obviously you cannot control what your hirers do after they have taken the boat and there will always be idiots hiring from all the boatyards. Thankfully the vast majority of hirers are responsible people.
  3. Welcome Regulo. If you ever want to know how to cook something nobody wants to eat send me a PM.
  4. Best thing(s) I have seen today: Waking up and seeing the sunshine streaming through the windows (I don't close my curtains) Shambling downstairs, opening my front door and seeing my boat, nearly ready to go in my front garden.
  5. Rinceweed: I think you are right to be paranoid about using the public wi fi, especially if Microsoft as in my case turned off my virus scan. I have done a bit of research and apparently Microsoft Security Essentials has been upgraded. I have checked my updates and all the updated have failed. My reinstallation appears to be the old programme. I suppose when Microsoft gets its act together they will send me a proper upgrade. I am not holding my breath! Watch this space.
  6. Losing your virus scan whilst being connected to a public network is rather dangerous. There was no harm done fortunately (I think). I do not do banking on my computer so nothing could be stolen. I have done a full scan on my Malwarebytes anti malware programme and a full scan on my reinstalled virus scan and found nothing. You live and learn so in future I will avoid downloading Microsoft's updates on public networks.
  7. Thanks for the reply Siddy. Yep, I came to the same conclusion as you and have just uninstalled and reinstalled and updated my Microsoft Security Essentials. I originally thought it was the Cloud wi fi c*****g it up but it now appears that it is Microsoft. GRRRRRRR! Anyway readers, that's the way to do it.
  8. Hi. I have just downloaded the latest Windows 7 updates. It has totally c****d up my Microsoft Security Essentials virus scan in respect of the fact that it has turned it off and I cannot turn it back on. Has anybody had the same problem. I was at the download using Wetherspoons wi fi.
  9. Welcome to the forum Fred
  10. Juli: You may see a boat patrolling the Broads crewed by people in white coats. They are looking for this lot! Juli.................................Juli...........................Juli................... Are you still there?
  11. Oh dear. Timbo! That was probably the last straw, Juli now thinks we are all complete and utter nutters. Anyway, the best way to get electric is from currants. Everybody knows that. Welcome Juli.
  12. My shoes have been dropped over the side a couple of times. With me in them!!!
  13. I really do wish well on the outcome and they do get their decking approved. I was temporarily disabled by a motorcycle accident in my younger days and was on crutches for three months. I was fitter then but a good firm surface was always better to walk on. The lady's safety should come first in my opinion and why should she be denied safe passage to the boat? With regards to what the decking looks like, it is much better to look at than some of the properties at Potter, if anything, due to the state of them, some of them devalue the surrounding properties.
  14. Gracie: Does anybody make "floating shoes" ? Mine usually sink when I drop them in. Welcome to the forum indulgence.
  15. A really easy breakfast is Bonzo's bacon, tomato and mushroom slosh up. I have set the ingredients as per person so multiply up if needed. Two slices of back bacon cut into 1 cm squares. Two large chestnut mushrooms, chopped. One large tomato, chopped. Fry the bacon until caramelised, adding the mushrooms about half way through. Stir in the chopped tomato and cook down until most of the liquid has either been absorbed by the mushrooms or evaporated. Frankly, the result is a sticky mess but quite delicious. I always add a good shot of black pepper but leave it out if you don't like pepper. Serve between thick slices of good quality bread or even better, on thick hot buttered toast and for good measure, put a nice fried free range egg on top. Enjoy!
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