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A sudden stop!!

diesel falcon

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we went out on the boat at the weekend and had a great time, one event was a bit of a eye opener ,we were chugging down the chet to lodden when all of a sudden there was a bang then another bang ,then we ground to a halt!!, we had run aground ,so it was legs up to the limit and slowly forward, we managed to creep into the basin ,where we had to put the legs down to stern on moor,there was very little water ....and a lot of mud!.Moored up ok and had a pleasant evening in the local pubs ,with football for the boys ,and good company in the Angel for us.

The fun started the next morning ,we started the boat as normal and headed up the river,half way up the chet the port engine started to overheat ,so we shut her down before the alarm sounded, fine ,so we carried on on one engine ,but after 15 mins the starboard engine,s temp started to rise ,so creeped to the end of the chet and on to the Yare to more up on the bank were the two rivers meet....another problem....there are no posts there to moor up to so ended up tied to a ladder and an rsj.We cleaned out both weed filters which were full of Loddens finest mud ,toilet paper ,and gunge and went on our way to The Ferryhouse no problem.

So be carful out there ...with spring tides and lack of rainwater it,s shallow in places :norty:

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Wa good to see you albeit briefly as you passed. We've always found the Chet very very shallow and luckily it wasn't height of springs hey! seriously going all the way down to the basin was always a no-go for the falcon and the river bank is soo much nicer

Awe, c`mon Gav, Loddon`s a lovely place, and the Chet should`nt be a problem for you, especially as we followed some large seagoers down last year, though it was highish tide?.That said, thanks for the heads up, we`re picking up Swallow from Maffetts in two and a half weeks time :party::party::party::party: . Regards ................. Neil.

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I will be checking the tides i think the next time,although this is the first time i ve had any problem,i was talking to a old gent who sit,s on the bench at the basin ,he can recall all the water running out of the basin with just the river flowing down the middle ,he told me the conditions must be just right in the north sea for this to happen??

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Loddon is a great place to moor, well Pye's mill is anyway, not rat basin and the town is lovely, I remember my brother taking his Grand Banks 42 down there a few years ago with us, doesn't look like that will happen again any time soon, mind you we did stir the bottom up a bit even then. :naughty:

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