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Look Out In The South.


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The North has copped it and now it is our turn in the South.

Please everybody take care and make preparations today and not when the storm is raging.

Keep a torch handy.

A Camping Gaz lamp is handy or one of those very handy, LED battery inspection lights is handy too. Also if your cooking etc is all electric then a bottled gas hob or camping equipment  is good for a back up. Also, make sure the the means to light them are readily available. Old fashioned but candles do the job for lighting too. 

Make sure you have some food that does not need cooking to heat.

Make sure your shed and greenhouse doors are secure as if they open the greenhouse/shed could just disintegrate.

Make sure your mobile phones are fully charged. That is always assuming the networks still work.

Most of all, whatever happens, stay indoors, there may be all sorts of things flying around in the wind and saving property is not worth jeopardising your health or life.

Fortunately, last year I bought a 500 watt pure sine wave inverter so this afternoon I will be charging a battery so I can get a bit of light and use the telly and possibly wire it up to my central heating so I can keep the house warm. Something worth thinking about for the future if you do not have one.

Take care everybody.

Sincere best wishes.






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5 minutes ago, grendel said:

all my critical IT runs on 2 uninterruptable supplies, this means I can carry on even if the power drops out, this at least gives me time to properly save files and shutdown gradually and safely


At work or at home - something tell me that is your home set up !

Maybe you should look in the Lidl specials for a diesel generator set :default_rolleyes:

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at home, of course, I have a bank of synology diskstations (currently 3) they dont like a sudden power drop, all are set up as a raid array, so I dont lose data if a hard drive fails, I do have more storage than out company servers though (13Tb). mind you video data can eat through storage quite quickly. my wired network hubs are also connected to the UPS as is my router, it gives me a good half hour of backup to shut the data storage down though.

I also have some batteries and inverters, that can be wired up if necessary to run stuff too.

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