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Jade The Holiday Tale

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I am not very good at this but here goes....    Just had a week on Jade from Ferry Marina.



Jade -  Never a Dull Moment.     


We picked up Jade from Ferry Marina about 1.30.   After a quick run through we were on our way.    We decided to go down river and see what moorings were available.     We popped down to South Walsham but everything nose to tail down there and so came back up and low and behold the end mooring was available next to the work boat at St Bennetts.    We quickly tied up , there was a day boat in front of us,  we knew they would not be there for long.   Nice people except the chaps decided to get out there fishing rods.   Hubby in conversation said oh dear this is the closed season; they all laughed and said we are only fun fishing.   We left it there,   they were soon off and we moved up towards the working boat.    


Not 5 minutes later, a chap is rapping on the window and yelling something, so we flew out, a snake he shouts, on your boat,  flaming norah, we have only been here 5 minutes.   It was duly dispatched back into the river.


We settled down to unpacking as you do and had a cuppa.    Finished unpacking and got out the wine.   Sitting there minding our own as per, when we looked up and one of these drones was at the side of the boat looking into the boat.    Hubby was furious.     It soon went.   We never saw it again.   What a cheek.


All was relatively peaceful until about 9 o’clock when we could hear two boats approaching from the stern , one passed very close to us on the wrong side of the river and a small Woodie was tootling along on the other side , where he should be.    A HW boat flew passed us all and we all bounced up and down as you can imagine, when all of a sudden he totally lost control of the boat, it started to fish tail dramatically and almost went back on itself when finally and thank goodness he avoided the little Woodie  (not sure if he , the woody,  even realised what had happened) it smashed into the opposite bank.      Someone came out of the boat and eventually they pushed themselves off and off they went.      You do wonder if someone had been taken ill but obviously this was not so thank goodness.    We did happen to come across this HW boat again , again passing boats at full speed.


No,   the entertainment was not over and bearing in mind the day was nearing end of time for boating, at 9.30 another HW boat , a really lovely boat arrived.  They went down to S Walsham and came back up and decided he would moor into the tree beyond the work boat.   People did come out to help him but after faffing around for far too long and it was dusk by now, he decided to go off down the river towards the River Ant.   We never saw him again, a few moments later and it was dark.     Why do people leave it so late.    I still wonder if they were ok.


The next morning we had a front seat watching a pair of Otters playing at the mouth of river opposite.  They were so close.


Soon after a good breakfast it was down to Stracey to give the boat a run.    To our delight we saw a pair of Bitterns.   I did wonder what they were at first but they were Bitterns.     I like Stracey,  you can always get a mooring, the shop is handy and of course there is water.    The people who run the shop are lovely , as are the animals.   We walked down to pay our fee of £6 for the night but they do walk up if you are unable to walk to the shop.


Jade – the boat.    Absolutely excellent in everyway shape and form.    There are only the two of us and we had a bedroom and bathroom each.  When you are getting on in your late 70s this is perfect.     The galley was well appointed although I do take everything with me, including cutlery, utensils, fry pan, sharp knives and even our own pasta plates.     However, there was a proper knife block with scissors which was very useful.   All the pans were stainless steel including a fry pan with a glass lid.   Plenty of pirex bowls with lids, sieve, in fact everything you need.  There are dials are on the side of the helm telling of the state of fuel, water, and each loo separately.     The fridge was perfect.  I was concerned about a small box for a freezer compartment but if I told you it took a whole garlic baguette straight in , it shows you how deep it was and it held loads.  The fridge itself was very large.   Steering was the best we have ever had and was positive along with the bow thruster. 


The main cabin had a dressing table with a stool under plenty of power points.  No wardrobe just some hooks. There is a warm cupboard for storage and a cupboard below.  The bed was made up of two 2’6” beds so it was 5 foot and really long.  There was storage under the bed.   The second cabin had a similar bed.   The en suite was easy to use.    We did have a pump out at Ferry half way through the holiday.   Plenty of mirrors in each cabin.   Nice touch was a new air freshener in each en suite.   The second cabin did have a wardrobe and plenty of shelf space and cupboard space also it had power points.


The main cabin had a huge sofa big enough for both of us to stretch our legs on.    There is also a good size table and two extra folding chairs, which in the good weather (what’s that when it is at home) you could sit out on the bank on.


Mind you saying that we had some youngsters in a private boat arrived behind us at Womack.   Despite it blowing a force 9 gale at the time and threatening heavy rain,   they decamped out on to the wet grass, sat down on the grass and had a BBQ.    Music blaring.    Hubby did ask politely if they would turn the music down, at which point this bearded wonder shouted to him to F… Off.   The girls were very polite but not this animal.   Hubby said I did ask you nicely.   What a waste of breath.   I certainly would not want my daughter associating with a  git like that.  As the heavens opened they left,  thank goodness.


We also did see another private boat go down to Womack with a crew of what I can only describe The Kardashians in their night club gear  and the chaps naked to the waist, tattooed all over , looked like they were part of The Chippendales.     I wondered if they were some kind of strip o gram.     Cannot visualise many night clubs down at Womack.   Perhaps someone knows better.


All in all we had a good week.   We were amazed how many boats there were about which is at a non fishing time.  Dread to think what it will be like when the fishing starts.    We had some really good moorings with views down the river.   Some of the nights were clear and the stars were amazing.   My only regret it that I did not see an owl.

Finally I would like to thank Lia and Keith from Ferry Marina who were especially helpful to us yesterday on our return home a day early, Ferry Marina was busting at the seems and yet Keith came aboard and took us around the yard to the back of the Marina and found us a safe mooring with access to the car.   It was much appreciated.



























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