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noisey transmission

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my boat is fitted with a 1.5 bmc engine and hydraulic drive all fitted in the stern.

my problem is noise, i bought this type of setup so i would have quiet peaceful cruising but alas!!!!!

the transmission gives off a high pitched whine, not noticeable on tickover but the higher the revs the louder the whine.

definately not the engine, but in my amateur opinion i would say it is the hydraulic pump or drive, but definately

transmission. the performance is not affected in forward or reverse it is just this awful whine

any advice or ideas would be appreciated


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Pot winches, trawl winch pumps, bow thrusters pumps all tend to whine but when you are working it’s not so important, on a leisure boat it’s a different story. You could possibly reduce it a bit but not completely. I would suggest some really good soundproofing, it is really surprising how good it is if you get quality stuff, we have 225hp roaring away right under our feet and you can still hold a conversation at speed but just lift one of the soundproofed hatches and it’s like being at a Quo concert. :mrgreen:

Obviously it is important to ensure it’s not any bearings whining, either engine, hydraulic pump or shaft first.

BTW, you are sure it's not your turbo or supercharger kicking in ?? :naughty: :-D

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thanks for the reply antares, appreciated,

i agree it definately is not the turbo on my 1.5 bmc :naughty::naughty::naughty:

yes i have thought of sound proofing as a last resort, but first i will try peachments or brian greenwood as

they are the hydraulic specialists. i may have to replace the pump or drive or whatever but we will see.

thanks again for the reply :clap


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