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  1. maybe a word with the man who had the boatyard at ludham bridge at the time i remember robert paul but does he go back that far, if so, he is usually at the broads museum in stalham
  2. yes paul, went through yesterday and again today without a problem the signs are out telling work will resume 15th
  3. thank you jeff very helpful
  4. has anyone been through sutton bridge since the roadworks started are they causing major problems, should i divert and avoid, travelling tomorrow
  5. copius amounts of washing up liquid usually sorts mine out
  6. "within a reasonable distance." the white horse at neatishead is only a very short drive and does get very good reviews
  7. RONDANAY is up for sale again polly the gentleman who bought her in 2013 passed away a couple of months ago it is here, https://www.wayfordmarine.com/advert-category/motor-boat/
  8. https://www.spaldingtoday.co.uk/news/massive-disruption-expected-as-work-begins-on-a17-bridge-from-september-2-9078694/ try this link for an update
  9. hello the boat at waterside is a aquafibre 31, JAY the boat at freedom is a alpha amazon 31
  10. i also had a lifetime driving class 1 hgv and probably wouldnt go that way with a lorry but have used the network around east anglia hundreds of times and found it ok in the car, after all i am not being pestered by a traffic office or some pen pushing load planner to get there asap i for one have spent long spells at sutton bridge when repairs were taking place a good few years back and not very pleasant
  11. we have been travelling from our home in durham to norfolk for 40 years and tried every possible route and byway according to google maps, from our postcode to wayford the A11 to cambridge, A14 to huntingdon then north on the A1 is 12 miles longer but 2 minutes quicker than swaffham, kings lynn newark via the A17, the only downside with the cambridge route is the road works on the A14 which can be a pain, depending which day you travel and the time you reach the road works we have tried the A47 via peterbro and found it ok, again depending on time and day
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