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  1. its up and running again
  2. anyone wanting another wildlife webcam www.ospreys.org.uk link may not work, mods help !!!!!
  3. only two in the nest now at norwich, wonder if one has fledged, it was exercising and doing a lot of flapping yesterday
  4. during easter week they were bonding the super-structure and hull together
  5. i shall be informing the brewery that my tupperware bathtub will be available should the need arise
  6. gancanny


    she was moored at the thorpe base the week before easter
  7. that is a fine looking bathtub in the middle
  8. ok for me, am watching it now on chrome
  9. k683 MATTY moors at wayford bridge very tidy and in regular use
  10. diamond anchor, k682, is now known as MATTY this boat has a full bottom strake as has L246 which was last known as ACLE PEARL
  11. i dont think they are, they are certainly not hiring any longer
  12. diamond anchor from anchor craft had a complete bottom rubbing strake blakes 1991 brochure page 44
  13. https://www.norfolkboatsales.co.uk/Default.asp there is a pearl and a diamond on this site
  14. gancanny


    i would bite the bullet, pay a little extra and get the best jeckells
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