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  1. a shipplng container may solve the problem, various sizes and prices, contracts from a month up to 12 month, secure and access 24hrs, you hold the key northwalshamstorage.co.uk. tel, 01692 406818 also known as bluebird storage
  2. you are watching too much BBC
  3. near cramlington, northumberland there is a BOGHOUSES near alston there is a DIRT POT also a SLAGGYFORD
  4. that is also one of my, ;go to spots i was hoping some of you locals would have been up there and chopped the weed before we from afar are allowed to venture and stay overnight,
  5. when peter gave up the hire boats i took a private mooring from him in that very spot where the shot was taken,
  6. i am with norfolk nog on this, i think the shot was taken from peter linfords yard when he was still hiring
  7. yes, a vote for chilli from me, if i am going on my own i usually take plenty for 3 or 4 meals heat in a saucepan and eat with a couple of slices of bread and butter, i always have mine out of the pan i heated it in, then you only have the pan, spoon and the knife you buttered the bread with to wash up,
  8. all the eggs have hatched, 3 possibly 4 chicks
  9. i do sometimes read the daily mirror but never buy one, well, you dont have to really if you go into a public loo there is usually one laid on the floor, especially if the toilet roll has run out
  10. For those who say that we shouldn't be making political points in a time of crisis I say if you're not angry, you aren't paying attention ! Thank you Poppy. Regretfully there are folk who have yet to learn that lesson, no names but I suspect we all know who those might be! hands up who reads the daily mirror
  11. ludham bridge maybe
  12. herringfleet is my guess
  13. i have been away for 3 weeks and was expecting my toll renewal when i got home, but no, is it just me or are they late this year, maybe i have been awarded a free season
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