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Who is afraid of the BSS.

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i think it is a little like the motor industry Pete, there are some out to rip you off and at the other end of the scale, as you seem to have had, someone who will charge a fair price AND be fair. There are one or two examiners that, by rumor, shouldb be avoided.

For the sake of those who are wary maybe you could recomend this guy.

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I think you're exactly right Peter, a lot of yards saw this a "fill your boots" time, fortunately it does not affect me as I will not be getting one but I can see what a worry it must have been for some. Nice to read something so positive :-D :-D

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My BSS examiner, who I won't name, actually gave me a certificate despite finding a point of failure - providing I promised to rectify the problem swiftly. Can you imagine an MOT inspector being that lenient? Anyway, as I promised the problem was resolved within a week.

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fortunately it does not affect me as I will not be getting one

Is your intention to buy a new boat every 4 years David or do you have another dastardley plan?

Big things are made of the BSS but even the ventilation is only enforced if practicable, gettind more low level ventilation into a sports cruiser than that originally designed is virtually impossible so what did the BSS man do about it on White Lady? pass it with a little note that says that bit doesn't comply but doesn't have to.

Even the Gas bits only need Corgi certification if the boat is residential, if not it asks for a competent person to install, as gas on boats is all compression fittings it isn't rocket science and once inspected by the BSS man, who won't be Corgi registered either then it is classed as inspected by a competent person.

Worrying thing is the amount of people who have never seen a compresion fitting before that faced with a big bill for re routing the otherwise perfectly good gas pipes due to bss, will be tempted to have a go themselves.

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