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Go Boating/Moores

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Hmm... that does seem mysterious.

When I click on them I get a 'voat not found' message, just on the goboating ones as mentioned, I'm sure that that didnt happen when they first appeared.

I hope they stay on hire with other operators, as they are all quite smart boats, and we liked Royal Star when we had her last year, even though the goboating service was a bit pants

All the best


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Hi Folks

That little problem seems to have been fixed and they appear normally now.

Interestingly no more craft have been added to the list of boats to sale from the Moores fleet... so I'm hoping next year Barnes Brinkcraft will be running them again despite rumours that all would be sold - ?

All the best


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Guest NeilC

Hi All

On the subject of Moores/Go Boating I recently hired a Braemore from Barnes. I discussed the fleet with one of the Thwaite brothers and he agreed the fleet was to big too handle at present (too many boats, 80 at present, not enough space for cars etc) and he would like to see it reduced to around 70. I believe there are around 12 boats (2 Moores 4 Go Boating and 6 Barnes) for sale at present and apparently there will a new class of Alpha 31 forward steers next year (the first mould will be delivered shortly). So assuming all the sales go through it looks like the figure he quoted wont be too far from the truth.

On the subject of new boats it looks like Barnes maybe one of the few yards to be investing. Richardsons and Herbert Woods were both packed with hire boats mid June (only about 35 boats out at Herbert Woods from 122) and Richardsons have apparently cancelled an order for 4 new boats due to the poor season and expected further fall in demand -credit crunch, end of red diesel etc, although I did notice 2 more Sheerline day cruiser moulds at Woods they haven't started on Ray of Light so far. So although Barnes do come in for some stick they do atleast continue to invest in the Broads. On a lighter note Braemore was the first boat I have had which has had soap, shower gel and loo roll provided in both wcs and although the beds weren't made up all the beds and bedding were set up as requested (as doubles).


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