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Moorings for private vessels below Haven Bridge?


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Hi everybody.

Somewhere in the mists of time I seem to remember somebody telling me that there were some public moorings for private vessels down below Haven Bridge. Is this correct? if so could somebody let me know the following information:

Are they pontoon moorings?

Are charges levied, if so where are they paid?

Are harbour dues charged, if so, where are they paid?

Has any anti social behaviour been experienced whilst moored there?

Many thanks.


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Hi Bobby


You can moor on the town hall quay, just below Haven Bridge for free, though it isn't for the faint hearted! The quay wall is concrete topped piling, and mooring entails grabbing the hangman's-nooses that dangle from the top of the wall whilst trying to hold the bolt steady against a strong current. add to that the fact that the tide rises and falls a couple of metres or so and you can see it's not an ideal mooring spot. I have moored there a couple of times when I have been too early for a pre-booked bridge lift, but never for more than a couple of hours.


I'm not sure how powerful an engine you have, but the current through Yarmouth runs at about 3 kts, which accelerated to around 6-7 kts through Haven bridge on a full spring ebb, so you would need to pick your tide states for your passage. I certainly wouldn't recommend venturing down there in a vessel that was intended only for river use at anything other than flat calm slack water, and even then beware of strong currents.


Here's a google map showing the location:




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I've not heard of any plans for pontoons, but it wouldn't be a bad thing. Are you maybe thinking of the new floating pontoons that have been installed below Breydon bridge? These are to give people somewhere to tie up whilst awaiting the tide to get under the Yarmouth bridges on the Bure and have only been there a couple of months.

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No I am not referring to those pontoons. I heard about the quayside moorings a number of years ago but the information was sketchy and then I forgot about them altogether. However, pontoons were referred to.

Never mind, I will continue to use my favorite method of visiting Gt Yarmouth. I moor the boat at Potter Heigham and get the bus. I have an old codger's bus pass so it doesn't cost a bean. I just need to take care regarding the time of the last bus back.


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Mbird is quite right. We came back in and there was a road accident on Breydon bridge so we had to hang around for three hours. The tide was in full ebb and the wind was straight up the river making for a really uncomfortable swell. We were cork-screwing about. The people on the Lydia Eva beckoned us over and took our lines. They tied us up safely and gave us a tour and a cup of tea. They went home and trusted us to be on their boat alone. We were very grateful to them as there was a large wind boat and some large yachts taking up the Quay moorings.post-21867-0-20813400-1382561452_thumb.j

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