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11 days on Gleaming Light

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Well, I am back in gods country, after a interesting 11 days on the Broads. It was nice to be back on the rivers again taking things easy. The crew of my wife and sister in law and yours truely set off from Herbert Woods on Tuesday 29th April, departure time 1.30pm, the boat was ready at mid - day thank you Herbert Woods for that, much appreciated.

Out onto the Thurne and decided to chance my arm and head for Ranworth. Cruise was a good shake down to see how the boat handled, over all for a bath tub NTT. Arrived at Ranworth and nabbed the mooring at the starboard corner looking over to the Church. A privateer was outof his boat in panic of me coming in to moor stern on, next to him. Manouver done a piece of cake no bumping and moored up for the night. A very nice meal enjoyed by all with very attentive staff too.

Wednesday 30th April was a nice cruise up to Barton Turf for lunch, and Sutton Staithefor overnight mooring. My one gripe on the Ant was a nutter on a Spring Horizon overtaking on bend WHATS THE HURRY???

Thursday May 1st, had told my crew to go do the Mayday wash in the grass at dawn, that fell like a lead ballon and breakfast became self service! Today we were heading for Wroxham/Hoveton. The usual viewings through Horning, I am sure half the boats moored at the homes never move from year to year! Arrive at Wroxham Bridge and await the Pilot, this is another moan of mine, having taken over 100 boats of different designs myself in the past, I now feel inadequate. By now my left foot was like a balloon with arthritus, so no Roys for me. Ladies went, but bought nothing of note, just ships stores.

Friday May 2nd, awoke to a bit of dampness in the air, my original intention was to go and see the new Model Railway exhibition, but my left foot thought otherwise. So a we had a nice toodle up to Coltishall and a public staithe bereft of any boat life at all. Has the pilot service or all these new high level boats reduced what gets up there now? Just a thought. Headed back down to collect said Pilot again and down to The Ferry Inn for the night. The ladies used the pool out back later.

I wont bore you with every day of the holiday as I had to stay on board most of the time with said sair foot. However, I must mention Norwich Yacht Station. My fault not reading all the info on it, but, if you are going to stay overnight be there just after 10am and get the full 24 hours mooring time, otherwise pay for the day and head off back down river. Also don't let one of the HMs there near your ropes, I asked him to put the spare bow rope as a spring through the ring and double knot it but he tied it like a lock knot. We had to get a gasman working on the road to untie it with a screwdriver!

Anyway, on our final day on the river we encountered the weather I have only seen in late October, very strong winds and driving rain, not forgetting the thunder and lightening, I suppose it was my closing stanza as I entered the boatyard at full throttle nearly to keep her straight through the bridge.

Overall, a nice relaxing holiday, just a pity my body decided to play up whilst there. Oh nearly forgot the bacon roll from the store at Stokesby is/was amazing. Also Rosie Lees coffee at Loddon, there, thats two plugs for the locals.

My left foot and crew shall return again, god willing.


cheers Iain. 


p.s. If you see spelling ot grammatic errors, tough I aint editing it so there. :naughty:

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Hi Grace, many thanks for kind remarks, aye I wid love to be still on the water, but I will be back hopefully before not too long. Am not hobblin as bad today, deffo on the mend.

Anyway 11 days away from you lot is long enough lol The auld scotsman is back so be very afraid....not! tehe. :wave


cheers  Iain.

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