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  1. I like Christmas decorations, but, NOT in November !!! Iain
  2. Awe here wiz me thinking the girls wid hey broad Kirkcaldy linoleum accents ! Nice car Eric, very reliable, but, servicing any Honda here aint cheap! Iain
  3. Wrong ! Its SOB's winterising when repairs and servicing required tent ! Iain
  4. After four pints of Broadside it might ! Delighted to be of assistance, Vaughan.
  5. Careful MM, it could permenantly impair your vision if released in your direction !
  6. Hi Ginbottle, We are full members, not sure why basic emots don't work for you though. Admin may have the answer. You are limited to certain areas till you have posted 50 posts and then elected to full members. Nothing sinister, just how the site works. Iain
  7. Hi Ginbottle, Welcome to the NBN Forum. Iain
  8. We have several in Ayrshire, if using the broad dialect......Kirkmichael....Kirmickle......Kirkoswald.... Kirkussled.....Muirkirk.....Murkurk.....and ....Coylton...Cullton. Last of all where I am, Troon....Trin. Just shows what your dialect can do to plain English ! Iain
  9. On my first ever holiday on the Broads, the lads at Porter & Haylett informed me it was pronounced "BeeLee". Iain
  10. Oh I have had the RBOS version, recently. Bring back the old ten bob note! Iain
  11. I checked them out from 1965 ! lol
  12. Oh still youngsters then! I only mentioned, as many years ago my old boss was a Dreamland agent, and I did exactly what I suggested to many. A few had to have new switches fitted, any sign of fraying, then it was a bin job. Iain
  13. Great item......but.... do you have it serviced/checked out before using each winter, or replace with another new one ? Iain
  14. A very highly intelligent species of the human race ?
  15. Let me guess..... Triton and Mira !
  16. Thank you Geoff! I was going through a week of catching up due to illness, when it was announced on the News. A king size faux pas on my part ! Iain
  17. What's a five pound note? Sounds like extravigance too me ! Iain
  18. Eye protection and face mask ! Iain
  19. Indeed JM, waking up with a stiff neck can be very painful !
  20. Hi Tim, I have two friends with RA, one has been on "Gold Injections" for many years, the other refused to take the injections, and has suffered a lot worse in doing so. My father had it in his hands when relief was not much of an option then, poor bugger. I hope all goes well with your tests. Iain P.s. Trust you ! JM
  21. Well I have to congratulate my fellow Scot, Andy Murray on achieving the accolade of World Number ONE tennis player, no mean achievement when you consider the other superb players in the game. Indeed it was announced by The Speaker in the Commons no less, today! Well done Andy, you have done your wee town of Dunblane, and the UK in general, proud. Iain
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