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  1. Baitrunner

    Sommerleyton And Reedham Bridges

    Dunks34 spot on. If it gets to that stage I know a heap of boats that are off. The marinas., repairers and BA will all be down.. has anyone seen the latest from NYA? It sounds like there is a plan afoot to replace the bridges.
  2. Baitrunner

    Surlingham Lucky Escape

    Maybe the BA have dredged it to provide more navigable cruising and additional moorings? Nah, I reckon the sign fell down. Only been a short way up there in my dinghy (12" draft if that) and it seemed shallow. Was a few years ago though.
  3. Baitrunner

    Fuel Prices, Northern & Southern Broads

    The shell garage at brundall is only just cheaper than motorway service stations. I never understood why they are so expensive.
  4. Baitrunner

    Fuel Prices, Northern & Southern Broads

    That will be the guy I saw crying as his bank account was depleted!! their prices have gone from the ridiculous to totally absurd!
  5. Baitrunner

    Normal Aa Battery Vs Led Light Question

    Ok school boy error. I'm a plonker!!! Thanks to you guys for making me double check!!! the colts are all good and 4.5 volts when I measure across all 3! volts stay positive when connected up. But......the dodgy lights turn one of the batteries reverse polarity after a while. So I reckon dodgy imitation batteries or dodgy lights. Maybe all from china!!!
  6. Baitrunner

    Normal Aa Battery Vs Led Light Question

    Cheers guys. just to clarify, I am measuring across the 3 batteries in series. It might not look it, but I am. All 3 are in series. Stumpy, my initial thoughts as the batteries came from eBay!!!!! But using a known good set, didn't last 24 hrs. As I said, taking the same measurements on a known good set of lights shows the same voltages which totally bemuses me. Regulo, correct. Measuring across all 3 batteries, but should be 3.6v not 3 so looks like the batteries are rubbish. But doesn't explain the negative polarity when connected up. Going to measure each battery.
  7. Baitrunner

    Normal Aa Battery Vs Led Light Question

    Part two. On load batteries go reverse polarity. This is the same whether in the off, timer or on mode. This picture I have reversed the probes to show the reverse polarity voltage is about 1.6v So I have now also checked the older working set and new set and as soon as you put batteries into them they both go reverse polarity too!!! Although the other original set seem to last a fair while. i have never seen this before and was expecting the voltage to drop slightly when they were turned on, but not this. So any ideas you bright sparks?
  8. Ok here is one for you electrical technical experts. Nothing to do with boats, but I have asked other knowledgable people I know and googled this and not come up with an answer. We have 2 sets of led lights powered by 3 aa batteries each. One has worked faultlessly for a month, before I had to change the batteries, the other had 3 sets in it. Each set has 3 positions, off, on, timer (on for 6hrs, off for 18). So, batteries (of a well known copper colour) were installed, tested and worked and both units left off. After a week or so I wanted to put the timer on. One set didn't work. Checked batteries and 2 were very flat, one was actually reverse polarity!! Assumed faulty batteries new set of batteries and timers set. 4 days later same set of lights dead. Batteries checked and same problem. New batch of batteries purchased. Again after a few days same set of lights dead and batteries same issue. Put batteries from good set of lights into dodgy lights and new bats into other lights. Next day same set of lights has killed the batteries. So, we get a new set of lights as they have to be faulty. although how is it only one battery ever goes reverse polarity? anyway, the set of lights that had played up I can now dissect. See below. First my meter is not quite zerod, but it was good enough. I'm on the 10v scale as well. Next is the battery voltage off load. see next post for what happens when on load.
  9. The problem with whittlingham is river access is nigh on impossible. With space for maybe 4 reasonable sized well moored boats its virtually impossible to get to other than by car. And given a couple of the moored boats will be liveaboards (and I have no grip with them, they just manage to get there first and no insinuation they overstay the 24 hrs) I can't see much benefit to either boat tourists or boat owners in the moorings there. It needs more moorings. im sure the same might end up at Acle.
  10. Baitrunner

    What Flower Is This

    I downloaded a free app to help with such questions. Being totally ignorant of most flowery/tree things I have found it quite handy. Take a picture and it does (on most occasions) give you some reasonable options.
  11. Baitrunner

    July BA Broads Brieifing

    But has anyone been asked to participate? i haven't heard of anyone in brundall being invited. And it's August now. Maybe it will be the same owners they asked about the toll changes? Never did find anyone who was asked.
  12. Baitrunner

    'what's The Point Of Wasps?'

    Like this little baby I found in the bath this morning. It did need a big glass to catch it in. I am a big wus when it comes to spiders as well!!!!
  13. Baitrunner

    The New Cut Is Getting Narrower

    They could use the railway line to get the heavy machinery to site and put proper piles in. Now of course this would mean closing the line down for many months, maybe years, to complete the work, but then they could leave those darn bridges open and we could have a joyous summer again
  14. Baitrunner

    'what's The Point Of Wasps?'

    Another interesting fact is that wasps also polinate plants. Probably by accident than anything else. I think the wasps have been particularly bad this year as they normally don't bother me. But got stung for the first time ever this year. Looks like we have a nest at the end of the garden. A week later and it's still itching Had to put the wasp catchers out I'm afraid. More to try and keep them at the end of the garden. Also managed to get 3 hornets in it last night Impressive beasts, but scary looking. 3 of my friends also got stung Saturday on our boats. My wife reckons wasps are evil, nasty people reincarnated. She may be right if there is such a thing.
  15. Baitrunner

    July BA Broads Brieifing

    Well that will be robin then

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