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  1. Baitrunner

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    “Knob lifting”. Yep there the ones MM needs
  2. Baitrunner


    Yep, but the holes in the boat don’t help
  3. Baitrunner


    Did you eat it?
  4. Baitrunner

    Countryfile 10/02/2019

    He does call it a national nature reserve. Not a Park!!! they also say it’s man made. So surely ours to screw up? it all ready has the largest natural reed beds. The new one is a pimple on the surface of the rest. The only downer I took was that pleasure boats kill the plants!!! Really? the most pathetic dredger ever! I don’t go to hickling, but my local lakes are swarming with migratory birds in the winter. Far more than the summer. So more likely to cause issue with them in the winter. The fish seem to like a churned up bottom. Ok maybe not if it does cause an algae growth, but that can be managed as it happens. My take on it, but being local maybe I know more than the production team. After all. It is entertainment.
  5. Baitrunner

    A Real Treat - Sherz And Linz 2018 Boat Trip

    I’d rather the odd Diesel engine. A boat that smells of stale smoke is there 24x7. I have insisted on moving hotel rooms before that smelt of stale smoke. I hate the smell, irrespective of the health effects. Each to their own though.
  6. Baitrunner

    The Broads On National News!

    I bet it makes the Suffolk Gazette some time soon. it is a bizarre way to make your point.
  7. Baitrunner

    Fenders Up Or Down When Underway

    Even my wife knows what spring is. It’s when the bulbs come out!!!!
  8. Baitrunner

    Boat / Caravan 240v Cables For Sale

    That’s a bargain for anyone needing these. Shame I already have more than I already need or would have had them off you like a shot.
  9. Baitrunner

    Fenders Up Or Down When Underway

    I think you have contradicted yourself Robin.
  10. Baitrunner

    Fenders Up Or Down When Underway

    At sea obviously they come in. On the rivers they stay out. As others have previously said the attraction to other boats is high and trying to get the crew (singular) to adjust a fender is an argument waiting to happen hence I have a rather large supply of fenders. Of course they should never drag in the water. as for hire boats. Many have them permanent fixed so can’t be adjusted or brought onboard. So leave as is and cruise around and enjoy yourself and if people don't like you having your fenders down, so what?
  11. Baitrunner

    Closed Season - Have Your Say

    Done while sitting in the sun by a half frozen lake!!
  12. Baitrunner

    Freezing Weather

    Overnight it’s forecast to swing SW, but still with some pretty chilly temps. Lets see what that freezes over.
  13. Baitrunner

    Freezing Weather

    Wondered if anyone had spotted any ice on the rivers or in the marinas yet? was well surprised to get to my local lakes this morning to see 90% of them iced over. Good job I had my Eskimo ice drill handy.
  14. Glad to hear your going to continue boating Alan. Im sure it will be tough for you, but you seem to love your boating. and Ranworth Breeze is always kept looking smart.
  15. Baitrunner

    A Winters Tale

    Who and what are we talking about here? or is this wishful thinking?

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