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  1. Baitrunner

    St Olaves Moorings

    Is that my head or "the head"? it was just the one. Been a fantastic evening. More like July/August than October.
  2. Baitrunner

    St Olaves Moorings

    Finishing the night off with a coffee. And a slug of this. Im sure it's not alcoholic?
  3. Baitrunner

    St Olaves Moorings

    Rubbish photo but the steak was to die for. The sausages are nearly done. And then it's boys round the camp fire.
  4. Baitrunner

    St Olaves Moorings

    Well we got hijacked. 2 other boats here now donuts full!! we have pole position and BBQ and fire pit going though!
  5. Baitrunner

    St Olaves Moorings

    Thanks for all the responses folks. Lovely day for a run on the boat. Passed Malanka this morning. Reedham bridge played ball and opened on time. 2 runs over Breydon with no other boats in sight and engines running sweet. refuelled at Goodchilds £368. Ouch but £100 cheaper than brooms!!! (£1.198 per litre) and Martin on the pontoon was a gem. moored up for the night at St Olaves lovely moorings as I had been advised. Enjoying the sun and a beer before we light the BBQ. Is this really mid October?
  6. Baitrunner

    St Olaves Moorings

    Have used fender boards at southwold. The only problem is they can occasionally get stuck on a falling tide!!!! Never thought of them for the Broads if I'm going seaward I leave the super oversize balls in the car. The mid size balls I can just squeeze in the lockers.
  7. Baitrunner

    St Olaves Moorings

    The piling at the fishermans leaves a lot to be desired as fenders tend to sit in the gaps and leave you banging. several years ago I found out about those pilings around breydon. Got myself some big balls. Ball fenders that is. Work a treat, but a pain to store!!
  8. Baitrunner

    St Olaves Moorings

    Good point about the pub moorings. Hopefully that will be plan D. Smoggy, I'm coming from up river (brundall) and need to get back there Wednesday lunchtime. Late season blast and refuel at goodchilds. Oh, and a couple of Days with some mates and a beer. The winds and rain at the weekend pushed the trip back.
  9. Baitrunner

    St Olaves Moorings

    Well, we plan on burning some perfectly good food on a BBQ!!!!! So hopefully won't need the pub. I can't see the alcohol running out either. not really helping the local businesses am I. the original plan was to get up river of reedham bridge and moor up, but I am working on plans B and C in case we are running late.
  10. Baitrunner

    St Olaves Moorings

    Thanks Mr Nog. Good picture. Very helpful. Im used to the rise and fall as a regular at Polkys and Bernie, but it has been years since I've been the other side. Of course turning round is always fun if the tide is the wrong way by the way is the fishermans any good?
  11. Baitrunner

    St Olaves Moorings

    Thanks everyone. Will let you know how we get on. If we get on
  12. Baitrunner

    St Olaves Moorings

    I know Polkys Mill. Wanted something the other side. Is the fishermans moorings by the pub of the same name? Would prefer the free 24 hr ones as well.
  13. Baitrunner

    St Olaves Moorings

    Where are the fishermans moorings please? Not familiar with those.
  14. Baitrunner

    St Olaves Moorings

    Hi, does anyone know if the free moorings the Breydon side of the bridge are all usable please? I think I am correct in that the Burgh Castle moorings are closed.
  15. Baitrunner

    Another One Bites The Dust

    I do sort of agree James and appreciate you sharing everything with us. And this is not aimed at yourself. But in many committees etc like that sometimes personal interest/greed can overcome doing the right thing or burning your bridges. I whole heartedly agree that the BA need an advisory panel made up of all Broads based interests. That way personal or business interests can be shared. But any committee that has any voting or say in BA policy should be made of a group of employees who can be held accountable. Now if you have a dictator in charge then you may as well save the time and money. it does also seem that to get on the committee you need to know the right people. So it becomes a bit of a cartel. Especially when they get rid of anyone who doesn't agree and stands their ground like James has. Just my opinion anyway. Ps. I have seen first hand what goes on in council planning committees so it's not just the BA who are like this.

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