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  1. Not Mrs G. We all know our limits!!! my comment was in reference to this - “Hopefully my welcome aboard brief will put paid to any of that behaviour before we slip and proceed. If not - Well they have been previously advised” so 4-6 blokes causing a little mischief. How does this work? I’ve seen lots of films, but none with a northern tiler in them? and griff I’m not having a dig, but reality is part of life.
  2. Griff if you offer the boat up to strangers you can’t control who you might get. If your not prepared for the worse, then don’t do it. Personally i wouldn’t. One day you will meet your match!!!
  3. I appreciate there seem to be irregularities on the listing but is that NYA or hoseasons fault? and why oh why do we still have to all want to have the most basic boats?. Some of us like a bit of comfort and luxury and there are people who will pay for it. live and let live folks. Some of the boats you have or hire might be classed as poor mans floating caravans to some.
  4. I’m getting 60ft dug out canoe. Bit unstable though and a long walk to the loo!!!! i always pay mine on my credit card just after this months statement is out (25th for me). That way I get an extra month to find the money. The mooring fees are done the same way.
  5. And a bottle of meths for those cold lonely nights. looks like a bargain whoever bought her.
  6. Boilies are better. Especially if you have a proper catapult.
  7. If nothing else They can race tune the beemer and get you faster times on the track. to be fair I have heard good things about them. But you may as well get it chipped while your there.
  8. It can be a bit slow on the iPhone, but I’m talking seconds not minutes!!! Is your dial up modem working ok? stop reading toot on the EDP site and move onto a more reliable and informative publication like the Suffolk Gazette.
  9. 3 months? We’re to next? Normally cheaper to pay a year upfront. Can sympathise on the boiler. Ours was over 25 yrs old. Still working, but parts like hens teeth. Not sure the new one is any better, but at least it’s fixable.
  10. To be fair, there all the same. DPD delivered a package to the wrong address for us. We had an idea of where it went. They denied everything, despite the tracker never showed them getting near our house, but we signed forvit (no one was in). We found the house they had delivered it to after a week after they refused to speak to us. Whats more annoying is the same driver had delivered to us before!!!!
  11. To be fair, I have been one of those anglers. But only in winter when it’s quiet. And happy to make way for a boat.
  12. Can you still wild moor at the entrance? Im sure there used to be a spot right at the entrance.
  13. Brundall diversion/closure info.
  14. Paul, I think all the marinas have been told as well as businesses affected. Ting dene have sent out emails to all the owners moored there. Surprised the others haven’t. Will try and copy the map
  15. The last week in March there are diversions and will be delays in brundall as they start work on the automated crossing barriers. station and Yare car parks will be very busy. My advice - steer well clear if you can.
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