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  1. Baitrunner

    An Evening Paddle

    Can't get closer to nature than that. Nice evening as well now the wind has died down.
  2. Baitrunner

    Justice Is Done!

    If Robin is onboard we can be there in 3 hrs assuming the other 2 in the way work
  3. Baitrunner

    Justice Is Done!

    I seriously doubt it would make a significant difference to the emergency services. They know the workaround.
  4. Baitrunner

    Justice Is Done!

    Sorry but couldn't resist this. Just heard Haven bridge is stuck open!!!! I do have the deepest sympathy for anyone driving who is caught up in the rush hour mayhem, but after recent events (well since Feb) and all the problems boaters have had its time for the commuters to feel the pain. Wonder if they will complain? Im in the bistro at brundall after a day of cleaning with a cold beer and pizza on order. Life doesnt get better. as I said, sorry if you got caught in the traffic at GY tonight
  5. Baitrunner


    Bbc2 at 10pm. Be interesting to see where they fish. Expect it might be a lake though. Thanks for the tip off.
  6. Baitrunner

    Reedham St Olaves Somerleyton

    For pike you need to move about a lot. Reedham I have been plagued by eels before, but somerleyton ...... give it a go.
  7. Baitrunner

    Father's Day

    Spent the day at snetterton for the BSB with youngest son, wife and the outlaws. Bit cold but a lovely day. And son and I got matching tshirts (he said I could choose but put restrictions in place) he paid so fair enough. Mind you I paid for the tickets off to look for a new bike for him tomorrow now. And it's a sensible tourer he wants not a nutter street racer like his dad And Griff, I do like the shaft drive mighty tiger
  8. Baitrunner

    Somerleyton Bridge Not Operational

    Hold on that train from Lowestoft is definitely needed by the boating fraternity. Having had to go out via Lowestoft this morning thanks to the haven bridge problems (to watch the airshow) my friends have had to overnight at rnsyc because the lock shuts at 5 so we either moored up or missed half the airshow. I had to be home tonight so had to leave them and jump on the train. On time and no hold ups at all. It was great not having to wait for reedham or Somerleton to work!!!! and at £7:50 for an off peak single to brundall not that cheap. There was less than 25 of us on it though ok so I'm being sarcastic. I wonder, and this is a bit of subject creep, I can claim for 2 lock passages at £13 each way and an overnight mooring at rnsyc at about £36 from peel ports? I'm happy to pick up the tab for our overnight meal and bar bill!! shame the BA didn't get the guys at Mutford to do some overtime with haven out and airshow weekend? Nothing is joined up at all.
  9. Baitrunner

    Mariners Notices 15, 22 & 23

    Not your fault alan. appreciate you posting these updates. Might still get out anyway.
  10. Baitrunner

    Mariners Notices 15, 22 & 23

    Thanks Alan glad to see with GY out of action for private boats they are causing an obstruction in Lowestoft with that barge. I didn't want to see the airshow from the sea anyway.
  11. Plan b is Mutford lock. I think 19 fair size boats so that will be fun. Although wouldn't surprise me if some go through today and they moor at rnsyc. If they have any visitor moorings free!!!! as Griff said. It were broke back in Feb and still they have messed about.
  12. Baitrunner

    The Dutch Are Coming

    Sorry was busy driving. I'm sure someone will catch them on digital data media tomorrow. Film was so much easier to say The boat moored at bramerton was an immaculate wooden beauty. I've got a plastic fantastic and even I was impressed
  13. Baitrunner

    The Dutch Are Coming

    Ray we did the same. Thought it was a French invasion fleet!!! about 2:30 there were 3 or 4 going towards bramerton and 1 already at bramerton having a picnic. Gave us a nice wave as well. They were not taking it easy either.
  14. It's strange they have only just listed that because I thought a large group had booked a 9:30 lift months ago.
  15. Baitrunner

    Licence Plate And Letters

    Tech stainless have a good reputation on another forum I am on. Ands it not the "dark side" forum

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