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Hi all....

"stupider mist" here again.

We have a big white blob on top of our radar arch, which I believe to be a Raymarine 2kw dome connected to a C80 plotter.

The chart plotter/gps works fine, but since having the boat, the radar has never worked. When I flick onto the radar mode it says no signal.

I have done the obvious and checked the connection into the C80, but beyond that...where would I start to trace the fault????

One very helpful gentleman we met last year at Lowestoft Marina suggested that it might be the drive belt in the dome itself (as he had a similar problem).

Does anyone know who stocks raymarine spares?

yours mistily....

adam and suzanne

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Hi you could try taking the top of the radar 3 quater turn scerws on the under side and see if the radar turns (manually and under power)also it may have a conection plug underneath. My radar also has a separate box under the console which has conection into it. After unplgging wd and replugging all these mine started to work but half a screen after a days use full screen was resumed. I supose I should say do all this with the power off. Hope this helps cheers Jonathan :Stinky

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A good place to get the parts is Raydirect but there are many other online suppliers, but the first job is to diagnose the problem.

There are actually 7 screws on the top of the radome 2k C compatible radomes which will allow the top cap to be removed, and then the dog can see the rabbit. I do feel that the belt is an unlikely candidate as the “C†series is quite new and those belts last a long time, not impossible but not likely. This will also give you access to the power feed, (the two wires separate from the main plug) power up the system and check with an Avo meter to see if there is power. After that remove the main plug and spray the plug and socket with switch cleaner and replace. Try to trace the cable to see if it has been joined somewhere and inspect for broken connections. Unlike some of the larger Raymarine scanners the 2kw jobbie gets it’s 12v direct from the “C†series multi function screen so no need to look elsewhere for a power fault. If you can’t see anything obvious from the above stop there. The handbook will give you details of local approved service agents with the right diagnostic kit and experience so best consult them. A working radar gives off microwaves so don’t get your brain in line with it at close range or you’ll end up like Rammy. :naughty:

Also have you downloaded and upgraded to the latest software for the C (I have it on the card if you need it) this gives greyed out display icons of all non functioning connections, fishfinder module, autopilot, AIS, radar, fast heading sensor etc along with some other useful features related to the plotter.

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Does anyone have any idea where I may find spares for a Raytheon RL9 2KW unit, have tried Raydirect and Raymarine, direct don't do spares and Raymarine only Keep parts up to 10 years, my unit was fitted in 2000 and apparently now needs to be thrown away.

I require a new motor for the drive, the drive is cogged rather than by belt from a small motor and a reduction gear box, it all fits together in a multipart casing, makes it incredibly difficult to use anything other than the oem part.

Does anywhere break old Radar?


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Take care with those rough boys on YBW Ian they can lead you astay before you know it :naughty::naughty:

That said I bet one of them has what you need in his pocket along with the white mouse, string,various unidentified sticky things and catapult :grin:

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