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  1. I think this thread raises complex issues about posting historical photographs on the Forum. This is a public forum and anyone can read it, so how can any of us be sure that we are not going to offend someone somewhere? For example, the other day, Vaughan posted a thread asking for photographs of the Black Horse Pub and I provided some. However, the Black Horse is also a local business that failed and was demolished for housing. How do we know that it wasn't somebody's pride and joy? Maybe someone was equally upset to see these pictures. Similarly, in an earlier post on this thread, Vaughan has posted a picture of Harrison's Boatyard. Now this was a boatyard that was demolished to make way for his own house. Maybe this has upset the Harrison Family? I could ask them. You know, Ludham is a chocolate box village which looks timeless, but this is an illusion. It is constantly changing and evolving. This is why we take so many present day photographs. In a few years they look like ancient history. I don't think we can pretend that things are unchanging. Would it be better to hide photographs of people and places that are no longer with us? The Ludham Archive is a digital collection. We do not keep physical things. Instead we scan them and return them to the donor. In return, they sign a form saying we can keep and publish. Photographs scanned in this way are protected from fading away and can be carried down the river of time for future generations to see and enjoy. We all enjoy looking at old photographs. I have no idea how I can possibly separate photographs into those which might offend and those that will not. Who am I to say? I don't own these things. I am just the custodian for now. In view of this, I don't see how I can post any more items from the Archive Collection on this Forum. If you have historical questions, our enquiries service will help you. Nigel. Ludham Community Archive Group
  2. Hi All Just to clarify all this, let me be clear that I had no idea that Vaughan would be offended by the photographs. If I had known, I would not have posted them. So, Vaughan, I am very sorry that I offended you. It was not intentional. You could ask the moderators to remove the photographs. I would be happy with this. I think the best way forward is to say that if Forum members want pictures or other information from the Ludham Archive then send us an email to enquiries@ludhamarchive.org.uk and our helpful and prompt enquiry service will help you. Nigel (Ludham)
  3. The Ludham Archive can tell you the history of Ludham but it can't change it. I assumed you knew. There have been a couple of threads recently where members (not you) have asked for information and I have supplied photos from the Ludham Archive. These pictures are drawn from the larger Archive Collection and are not on our website. If they are not appreciated then, that's fine. There will be no more. If members need historical information about Ludham or the surrounding area, then its: enquiries@ludhamarchive.org.uk Nigel (Ludham)
  4. There it was... ..... and then its gone..... ............and then it was a house. Pictures from the Ludham Archive.
  5. I was not very happy with the quality of that photo so here is a version when it must have been a bit less misty. The black and white photo shows where it was and the booklet may be of interest. Let me know if you want to see the rest of the booklet. Nigel (Ludham Community Archive Group)
  6. I think this aerial shot shows the boatyard. Nigel (Ludham)
  7. Found another one in the bar. Nigel
  8. I think this is a photo of the inside. It looks like it with that black horse on the wall. Nigel (Ludham)
  9. I think this is the one. Nigel
  10. As well as collecting historical information about the village, The Ludham Archive also tries to speak to the future. We collect stories and photographs of Ludham in the present to pass down the river of time. If somebody in the past had done this for us, it would have made the job a lot easier. To this end, we are currently collecting stories and pictures about the lockdown in Ludham. These are fast moving times with history in the making and we need to record it. If not, people looking back from a few years in the future will wonder what on earth was going on. If you have any stories about or pictures of Ludham in Lockdown, we would be very interested in seeing them. This link shows what we have so far (well some of it anyway): http://www.ludhamarchive.org.uk/lockdown.htm As always, its enquiries@ludhamarchive.org.uk Nigel (Webmaster, Ludham Community Archive Group)
  11. Early June is Swallowtail butterfly season. Out in Secret Garden there were several working the nectar from the rhododendrons. In fact, the whole How Hill area was literally buzzing with insect life. Nigel in sunny Ludham Secret garden ans swallowtail Jun20 (2).mp4
  12. While the round turn and two half hitches is the knot of choice for tying a boat to a thin thing like a ladder, I think you were asking for a knot which would hold the boat but could be easily released. For this, I would use a highwayman's hitch. It is dead easy to tie consisting of just 3 loops. It holds quite well, but if you pull on the loose end it just releases and slips off.
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