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  1. It seems to me that there has always been a difference in the tolls paid by different types of boat. An increase in the tolls for more polluting types can hardly come as a surprise. As the effects of climate change become more and more apparent, this process will accelerate, not just on the Broads, but everywhere that fossil fuels are used. What is happening on the Broads merely reflects national and indeed international concerns and it is part of the process of moving to a more sustainable future. The money raised does not have to be spent on eco projects. It is just as valid to spend it on moorings or any other project to maintain or improve the Broads and their infrastructure. I think it has been made clear in this instance what the money is for, and surely, that is sufficient. The actual increase does not strike me as very much. To really force people to change to more eco friendly systems it will have to be substantially more. This may well come and sooner than you think. Of course, changing out all the boats on the Broads will not make a huge difference to carbon emissions, but every little helps. People will only really do it if it hits them in the pocket and I have got a feeling its going to. Would I buy another boat with an internal combustion engine? Not a chance. Nigel (Early Adopter of Ludham)
  2. The building in question is not really all that old. The attached photo shows you what the site used to look like. The existing building is made of asbestos and is certainly in need of some TLC. I think it is probably the holiday lets that are the biggest concern as they look quite high and imposing. A refresh of the buildings is a good idea, and although these plans lack a bit of ambition (and detail) they are a way forward. Nigel in quaint but forward looking Ludham
  3. Thank you all for the replies and the helpful research. I guess memory plays tricks down the years and the story was not quite correct as I put it. However, I can say for certain that the picture of the brochure in RS2021's post is the correct one. That is certainly her and she also mentioned (but I did not put in my post) was that her bikini was yellow. The next meeting is in 2 weeks and I will put that photo up on the big screen for all to see. Thanks again. Nigel (Webmaster, Ludham Community Archive Group)
  4. Hi All. I wonder if anyone has any old Blakes Catalogues from the mid 1960s? The reason I ask is because at tonight's meeting of the Ludham Archive Group we were having short presentations on the subject of "My First Job". Quite a few people told stories of their first experiences in the world of work. Now, one lady in particular told us about her first job which was at what is now Ludham Bridge Stores where she sold postcards, maggots etc. The owners of the stores also had bought the boatyard opposite (Ludham Bridge Boatyard) and had some hire boats on offer. One day, they were preparing publicity photographs for the catalogue (she is fairly sure it was Blakes). She was asked if she would come along and be in the photos. So she put on her bikini and posed on the deck of the boats for photographs which were subsequently published in the brochure. This was OK but the boats had rather unfortunate names and she found a photo of herself in the brochure with the title "Nice and Easy sleeps Six" underneath. What we would really like to do is to find a copy of the picture. Is there anyone out there who can help? Thanks in anticipation. Nigel (Ludham Community Archive Group)
  5. The museum is close to Repps Staithe. If you moor at Repps it is just a short walk up the road. You can also go by car (Staithe Road Repps). Definitely worth a visit. Nigel
  6. The wiring regulations say that a device rated at IP22 has to be at least 0.6m away from a water source like a sink, bath or shower. However, if there is any chance of a water jet hitting it then it has to be at least IP65. A 1A circuit breaker would offer absolutely no protection whatsoever if you come into contact with the mains. Only a 30ma RCD would do the job but I am not sure that I would want to risk it. Nigel (sunny Ludham)
  7. The Morse Windmill Museum at Repps is worth a visit. A good collection of wind pumps to see, some of them working. https://windenergymuseum.co.uk/ Nigel (Ludham)
  8. Devices that can be splashed by the shower should be IP66 or higher. In house installations, anything actually in the shower has to be low voltage. In addition, the circuit should be protected by an RCD and everything earth bonded. Even then, there are circumstances where boat RCDs might not trip. However, since it is a towel rail, I assume you will want to mount it where it can't be splashed by the shower or the towel will get wet. Nigel (Ludham)
  9. In order to work this out you need to do some calculations. Its all about Amps and Hours. Firstly, you need to find out how many Amp hours (Ah) you are going to need.The fridge will be the big user and then the TV followed by the lights (assuming they are LED). The phone chargers are not very important here. Then you need to know: How much current (Amps) each appliance uses and also how many hours you will be using it for. If the fridge draws say 3 amps and is on for 24 hours then that's 3x24=72Ah. Add up all your Amp hours for the day and that's how many will be drawn from the battery per day and so will need replacing. Now a 100W solar panel will supply about 5A on a sunny day but not at night . You will probably get about 8 hours from it so thats 8x5=40Ah. Mind you, that's a sunny day which is not always the case on The Broads. So lets say you use 90Ah in a typical day and you install a 100W panel then your battery drain will be reduced from 90Ah to 90-40=50Ah. Only you can know if that's enough because if you run the engine from time to time then that will recharge the batteries anyway. At 50Ah per day your batteries would do 4 or 5 days without running the engine no problem. You will certainly need a charger/regulator or the batteries could be damaged. I can't recommend any particular type as I have never had one on my boat but I am sure that others will be able to help with this. Nigel (Ludham)
  10. Update on Throwers... The shop has now been sold. The sale went through on Monday 16th (yesterday). The new owners are brothers Raj and Nishan. The shop will continue to trade normally and there will be no changes until January when they are planning to invest in new equipment. Expect more changes next year. Exciting times Nigel (Ludham)
  11. The story about the pre war Ludham Butcher is an interesting one. In those days, the butcher's shop was on The Street roughly where Throwers car park is now. (See photo). This was also the scene of a plane crash in the war when a P38 crashed through the gap to the right in the photograph and ended up in flames in the middle of the road. The pilot was rescued by locals who were given commendations for bravery.
  12. Hi All Sorry I am a bit slow in reponding to these things. Just to be clear. All Ludham Businesses remain open. Throwers is still trading and there is no problem there. The shop is for sale and when it is sold, the new owners may or may not make changes. Nigel (Ludham)
  13. Ludham is a great place to live and like any village, you get plenty of village gossip. When a shop is for sale, there is bound to be a lot of speculation about what the new owners will or won't do. This is especially true for a shop like Throwers which has been in the same family for over 100 years. I have heard most of the stories in this thread repeated in village gossip starting pretty much as soon as the shop went on the market. However, until the shop is actually sold there is not much point in speculating about what the new owners are going to do (or not do) since we don't actually know who the new owners will be. The Ludham Butchers recently changed hands and there were changes as a result, but the shop continues and I still get my meat there. When Throwers changes hands we will undoubtably see changes there too. Change isn't necessarily a bad thing. In the past there were a lot more shops in Ludham than there are now. At the time that the Thrower family bought the shop, the village was largely self sufficient and you could get everything you needed locally. If you wanted to go shopping in Norwich, it was an all day trip on the carrier's cart and not worth the effort for most people. Times have changed and you can be in an out of town shop very quickly now and we are all buying on-line too. Village shops are not immune to these processes. Let's hope the new owners can keep the shop going and the business viable for many years to come. Nigel (Ludham)
  14. Hi All. I have had an enquiry at the Ludham Archive from a person who was on a hire boat which exploded and was burned out at Ludham Bridge in June 1970. She was a child them, but is looking for more information or anyone who remembers the incident. It was reported in the EDP at the time and I have the press cuttings. The boat was Lady Laura from Martham Ferry Boatyard. The family on board were unhurt and were helped by locals. I have yet to track any down. It was a long time ago, but I wonder if any members have any information or remember the incident. Nigel, Ludham Community Archive Group
  15. I have now added the rest of Ruth's memories to the website. I had to edit a few bits out. This final section deals with Ruth's mother, ghosts and a cottage in Hoveton. It is quite surreal and enhanced by Ruth's uncompromising writing style. I have put it before the section about her husband Nick to preserve the continuity. That's all we have at the moment. We are still trying to get more. Nigel. Ludham Community Archive Group
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