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  1. Here I want to give my highest recommendation to all those, like myself, who like to navigate the Broads under sail. For ourselves we stumbled upon Hunters Yard more by accident than design, and even though we were not hiring, and therefore not under the shared agreements of the hire yards, simply because we were on a sailboat, the folk at the yard allowed us free use of their facilities (Toilets, Showers, Water, with an overnight pass code), and the agreement that when we come back this way, we can moor our boat in the yard overnight if we cannot find a mooring outside. We will definitely be coming back.
  2. So “Dream Time”! Can we expect to hear the sound of Ralph McTell as you motor on by? Congratulations on your purchase. Welcome to the world of broke boat owners.
  3. I don’t consider myself particularly militant, but when pressure needs applying there are ways and means. How many people are registered currently on this forum? Thirty emails a day (Copied and pasted) from each member to network rail will not go unnoticed by themselves that like to drag their feet. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  4. Just to say, I’m not on commission for having started this post.
  5. Even if private owners buy ex-hire boats they tend to stamp their own individuality on them to mark them out. Also, those who spend a lot of times round the Broads will know the typical hire boats and the yards they come from. My daughter will tell me that I am sad to know such things.
  6. It is true. As I said; it was a grumpy old git moment, not to be taken too seriously!
  7. Ok; I’ve been putting this one off, pretending it doesn’t bother me, but here comes the grumpy old git moment! ‘PATREON!’ Now, I like watching the odd YouTube blog. I, like many on this forum follow Robins blogs, and enjoy them. I like watching those of people who sell up and sail the world; they inspire me and encourage me to think towards doing the same; but at the end of many of them (not Robin’s cos I checked to be sure) comes the inevitable prompt to sign up to PATREON, with the plea for sponsorship. Now, I know that you are trying to provide a public service by entertaining us with your travels, and there is a cost involved to you, but at the end of the day, it’s your boat and it’s your hobby. I don’t ask you to pay for my hobby, so why do you expect me to pay for yours? Ok, that’s better, rant over! Thoughts? Oh, and sorry in advance if I’ve offended anyone.
  8. Never had any verbal from the bridge operators. In truth I have found them very helpful; especially so on Monday when we got stuck the wrong side of a non-operational Somerleyton Bridge. We were kept well informed by the operator through the VHF, and what they were trying to do to get the bridge open. I even got a laugh out of the guy when I congratulated him for his efforts, as well as ‘enjoy the rest of your day!’ Now you don’t get that through a matrix board. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  9. I agree with that, but unless other boaters also have them then they are less useful than a VHF. You need a CB revival!
  10. By the looks of it I might be tempted to go and buy shares in CB radios, though I feel for me that it is a case of been there done that. Happy to stick with VHF and mobile phone; though I fear the latter of these is useless on most parts of the Broads.
  11. I feel my brain has been totally assaulted, but I finally, this last week, got round to getting my short range VHF certificate in anticipation of trying some coastal hopping hopefully next year. The course itself consisted of one day in Lowestoft College, learning (trying to learn), followed by a morning for the test and assessment. The night between was one of reading and disturbed sleep, my brain being filled with mayday calls and procedures. For now however, my new licence will only be used on the Broads; somewhat limited one might think, other than getting the bridges at Somerleyton and Reedham to open. But it must be more useful than this, surely? So here’s the obvious question; how many of us have got VHF marine radios (and no! I don’t work part time for Ofcom), what do we use them for, and how useful do we find them on the Broads? Ok; that’s three questions; but it would be useful to know, so I can get the best use out of mine.
  12. If they can’t read the numbers on the speed limit signs or the digits on their rev counters, what makes you think that they will be able to read your sign?
  13. As a fully converted dieselhesd when it comes to cars (with a working DPF) I find all this, of course, highly annoying, and potentially expensive. That said, I am seriously watching the advancement of motor and battery technology, looking to the day when we can ditch the old technologies for something better. My hope would be that by the time the green lobby get their claws into the boating world, that technologies will be such that going electric becomes a convenient option. For me however, the practical technologies are not so far away. Having a sail boat makes me less reliant upon an engine. A small 500cc Volvo is all I have at the moment. But I have been watching a number of YouTube blogs of people with much larger sailboats, removing the engines, and replacing them with electric motors. Not needing to use them so much, they have found that solar alone has been enough to keep the batteries topped up. Free wind, free electricity, no emissions. Guess what I will be doing when my engine needs replacing?
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