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Independance Day

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No nothing to do with BR**IT

Packed up all my company equipment, computer, phone etc and delivered to Yarmouth office yesterday.

Today is my first day ever being unemployed since starting work in January 1971 :party::party:

How do I feel, well pretty good actually :wasted::wasted:

Now there is just the small matter of Caroles work lists  :summertime::summertime:



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Hi Ray, 

Having seen family and friends that have retired or taken early retirement, you will have no time left at all, their lists of what to what is needed to be done is never ending, decorating seems to be a must. My brother in law has to leave the house at 6.00 am two days a week to look after grandchildren.

I started work in 1968 at 17, it seems so long ago, only worked for two companies and became self employed in 1980, been working for the state as a unemployed tax collector ever since!

Enjoy your retirement and reflect that at one time you had time to spare:naughty:



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Congrats Ray, you wont regret it. I worked for two firms. One only for a year, the other till my boss retired, then self employed from 1983.

As Alan says, spare time will be at a premium. First your jokes MUST improve, no excuses now:naughty: Second  you will prepare a prize winning garden and finaly you will get to your boat, errr maybe not, you will have all the shopping to do !:party:

Happy retirement !


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I was more or less forced out by not wanting to work 42+ hours per week for £150 a month more than my pension would be.

I had paid into a good pension scheme for 38 years

and having seen my father have to retire through ill health and not have a long and active retirement, it was a pretty easy decision to make. 

We were glad we took them on a boat 2 years before he died. Still talk about him tap-tapping with his stick muttering " I going up top", it was a centre cockpit from Silverline. The most expensive holiday I have ever had, in fact still paying for it! The boats oven is getting on and Jill fancies a new one.

This is a long way of saying look at the figures and make your mind up.


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