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Norfolk Broads Direct 2010 Brochure


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Whatho Everyone.

The 2010 NBD brochure dropped onto the mat yesterday. I was quite impressed as it was quite an improvement to previous years.

Gone are the dodgy, age-old piccies of many of the Herbert Woods boats, with all craft having clear, mostly large external images, and a high percentage having small internal shots for most classes. Its therefore quite a bit longer, and a bit of a catalogue but good to see them raise their game. I think you could now enjoy browsing through and making your selection more confidently or possibly over a competitor.

I didnt spend too much time on it, as I find the fleets not quite good value enough for my tastes, but was quite impressed, and it also looked like their logos/branding may have been updated slightly.

Wondered if anyone else had recieved it and any thoughts?

All the best


P.S From what I can see the changes haven't been continued through to their website, but maybe this is just a time/in progress thing, as I would think the brochure becomes slightly less important each year & the website gathers a bit more signifance each year?

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Hi Dan

you beat me to it

mind also dropped through the letter box

the brochure is miles better plus some updated interior shots of boats that you neva saw in there previous brochures i nope the prices have also gone up slightly on some of there craft Herbert Woods have no new craft for 2010 while Faircraft loynes are knocking a few out i think they have one which is new for 2010 or 2011 which i think is fair president the 46ft version to the smaller version of fair Admiral but the bigger version looks miles better not to keen on the prices for the births.

a quick note one of there Caribbean light might be number 3 they have changed the name to Astral Light now i went on there first astral light a centre steer cruiser with a large well at the stern the saloon & cockpit were together like most cruisers but instead of a canopy that came back with the sides it had the full roof came back & a door either side now i loved them Astral lights & to call a Caribbean light & Astral light ticks me off its just a name i know but that boat bring back a lot of memories for me.

Jonny ice sliceice sliceice slice

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Received mine today. Very much agree with the comments above, a vastly improved brochure. What a difference it makes to have a straightforward layout - 2 boats per page with external photo, internal photos, layout, prices & description all organised logically. Hoseasons take note! If I was being pernickety, I'd say many of the internal photos are far too small but I'm pleased overall to see more of them. I believe all these things do make a difference to bookings.

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Hi folks,


Well my 2014 brochure dropped through the door yesterday and it's very glossy and professional.


It has the usual pictures of the cruisers, some have had their interiors taken at a different angle and it gives you much better idea of what's on board.


This years has video and clickable content allowing you to access broads video footage and useful web links on your mobile or tablet. The only downside to it is that you need an app and they only do them for apple and android, while all of my stuff is windows based.


However, this doesn't bother me too much as we will be experiencing it again in real life as I have just booked the FAIR SOVEREIGN for 2 weeks in May 2015 and hopefully this time there will be more than just us on the broads with an NBN Burgee flapping in the breeze.

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