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Norfolk Broads Gathering 2008 Your Views Please


Location of Gathering - Time of Gathering - Catering  

99 members have voted

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WE are planning a Gathering of Norfolk Broads Users in 2008.

It will be open to everyone, from every club and society. To enable people to see other peoples boats

to see how they work and in some cases to experience first hand at what other boats can do.

We need to gauge interest into the Rough Location, the time of Year and Catering.

Please select 3 of the above options.

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Brian, a small suggestion, due to peoples insurance cover for their boats, Is it wise to suggest in anyway to the public that ride on a boat may be possible?

I know its fine beteween friends and people that you know, as long as you dont charge for it, but Joe Public? :)

Julz :-D

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Using a pub for on Southern Broads severely restricts location as many do not have much heading, so I have had to plump for self cater.

David is right as long as there is no reward then insurance should not be a problem, hwoever don't forget the reason there as so many claims these days is becuase Joe Public likes to claim for anything - fellow boat owners would be welcome on Cappy but due to the reason mentioned Joe Public wouldn't.

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and how about to a local care home or say a church somebody who realy needs some charity i think the Nancey oatfield trust is a very worthy cause but there is so meny more causes

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yer iam not saying they are Ian mate just thinking of those people in care homes maybe a trip to GY would be a better day than sitting in front of the TV i think need to be treated well live to be given a trip out every week rather than stay in a house .

RNLI i wounder if they will let me pilot the big beast :bow

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There seems to be quite a high vote for the South and pub catered type event. Marc also made the point about lack of suitable pubs with plenty of quay heading. Can I therefore throw the following suggested venues into the equation should it be on the South.

1. The Berney Arms, no end of mooring there, new tenants who I am sure could reserve the dining room out the back if needed, reasonable central, would help those travelling from The North.

2. Oulton Broad, plenty of moorings at the yacht station and pubs. We could possible use The Wherry Hotel or any of the other pubs.

3. Loddon, again plenty of mooring at either the main staithe or Pye's Mill, gives a choice of BBQ Pye's Mill or choice of four pubs. The Kings Head used to have a separate restaurant area, that may be possible to reserve.

4. The Waveney River Centre. Plenty of mooring that could be reserved, Im sure that Nigel and Tracy would be pleased to see everyone in The Waveney Inn and could be approached to do a bespoke evening with entertainment if required. No promises, but if it's out of season, I don't mind approaching Jame's re a block booking discounted rate for moorings and speak to the pub to see if they could help as well.

5. Beccles, again plenty of mooring, with a number of pubs, although most of these can be busy at the weekend, although I think the Bear and Bells has some sort of small function or meeting room.

Just some ideas, hope they help.


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All good idea's there keith I'd be more than happy going to any of them saying that I probably couldn't make it anyway fingers crossed though whenever it's held might be able to get there.

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I have recently spoken to the new tenants at The Berney Arms and there is no public access by road. There is permissive rights of way over other peoples land for the tenants and I think for deliveries. It is a journey that can be done with care. The main problem is that it takes about 30-35 minutes to reach Reedham if travelling alone, due to the number of gates that need to be opened and closed behind you, it is easier with more than one person in the vehicle. The new tenants were moaning about the fact they have to pay full council tax, despite the lack of facilities, no rubbish collection, no postal service, they have to collect it from a local post office etc. There is not even laid on fresh water. The water is drawn from a well and can not be sold, hence any water served in the bar, is bottled water and has to be paid for. It also explains why the toilets can at times look a little unclean, it's not through lack of cleaning, but the natural deposits that occur within the well water.

In case people don't know, Chris Shepherd sadly passed away in September after a long battle with cancer, and the current tenants were friends of his. During his illness, he was keen that the pub passed onto people who would appreciate the pub and run it in a similar vein to himself. The new tenants seem keen to make a go of the place and I believe are also open throughout the Winter, although I think adopting similar hours to The Locks at Geldeston, Wednesday to Sunday opening, although with prior notice, willing to open and arrange a chef anytime for parties etc.

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Guest elisamoose

looks like the south is winning --shame wont be able to come on the boat --it will take far too long to get there with tides etc.Maybe 2 meets - one for south one for north?

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but then again nbf forum held there meet at ranworth now asking members from the south to get there was a big ask as for the northern members is was a case of maybe 10min trip so if its at goodchild's or borough castle then both side have it even and the same amount of distance to cove so all is fair in love and war :liar

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If we were to have a meet at the Berney Arms, or Burgh castle then I would be more than willing to run people back and forth. I would prefer to have set times for this, as I would quite like a couple of runs up and down Breydon! Well it would be rude not to as I would be there already ;):Stinky and :Sailing



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