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Bank holiday fun.

Guest Jupiter Mist

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We have just got back (and only just I might add in very very high winds) from a lovely weekend with our non boating friends.

Enjoyed Pimms and smoked Salmon whilst anchored in Surlingham broad on saturday, then onto the newly re-opened Coldham Hall in Brundall for an evening meal.

The new mooring there is good, with electric, and a reserved sign had been put up for us before our arrival. cheers Very tastefully decorated and with a nice atmosphere we were also impressed by their friendly, attentive team.

The meal was pretty good too, though I would say they have a little way to go before attaining DUkes Head (somerleyton) and the Red Herring (oulton broad) reputation. But lovely nonetheless and we can recommend it.

Sunday things went downhill rapidly...as the weather wasnt so good, we decided against post bashing on Breydon and went to the Waveney river centre.

It seems we had joined the Sealine Owners club as the picture shows :naughty::naughty::naughty:


From left to right you have:




Cloud 9 (a Fab S41 that I very nearly bought myself)

A boat pretending to be a sealine two guns

And us in Sea Hunter (said in machoey echoey voice :naughty:) side on cos of the bling davits!! :pirate

And the "fleet" was overseen under the watchful eye of Captain Mercury (the dog!)

Others present were Le grand Cru and Sea Gem, and it was lovely to see (I think it was) five NBN flags flapping in the wind :party2:

Needless to say...it went downhill rapidly after that and our non boating friends just wanted to say what a lovely time they had with you all.

Shame that Mbird and Senator were missing as this would have made the "Magnificent Sealine Seven" :pirate :pirate :pirate

So yet another fab weekend spent with lovely people.

adam and suzanne :pirate :pirate :pirate

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A quick story...

In all my years and all the countrys I have visited, I always seem to bump into someone I know, but never, never have I bumped into anyone that went to my old school in Bexley.

How we got onto the conversation I have no idea, but it turns out that Adam went to Parkwood Primary School !! He is two years older than me, and obviously got a lot better memory as he sparked so many great memories of the place for me. We came to the conclusion that we probably didn't actually meet, or knew each other, but it was lovely to reminise !

What a small world we live in !!

cheers Adam, great weekend mate !


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come on you Bexley boys. I lived in Gravesend most of my life (someone had to :roll::roll: ) before settling down with SWMBO down here in (not so) sunny Dorset. I used to work in a navigational instrument company, who had a workshop in Upper Heath lane in Dartford, which aint more but a stones throw from Bexley. My Aunt used to work in Bexley hospital too. It IS a small world.Regards ................ Neil.

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My Aunt used to work in Bexley hospital too. It IS a small world.Regards ................ Neil.

LOL - One of my brothers worked there too !! Wasn't it a mental hospital from memory ? (best place for him !!)

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Yes it certainly was, and my dad used to work for Hamworty engineering who use to supply and maintain industrial heating systems, and had to go there on many occaisions to oversee the installation of the boilers and burnes. We went with him one day, and had to wait in his car while he was working. Some of the things we saw the patients do really made us laugh, but now when you understand their illnesses a lot more, you would`nt laugh at it, but at the time, it used to be hilarious. Regards ..................... Neil.

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Am I the lone Fairline then? Does that make me an ethnic minority? No wait, judging from his avatar I'd guess that Notorious has a Fairline too so I guess that makes us about equal with the Princesses.

Glad I'm not common like those Sealine folk. :naughty:

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