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eberspacher d5 installation

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i now have my ebby at last

i spoke to the tech guy at ebeerspacher and he said i need to run a 22mm ring for my rads

trouble is the pipe outlets on the unit aren't 22mm

has anyone done this before if so what do i use to connect the 22mm speedfit pipe onto the unit

i think they are about 19mm with a bulbous end

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You should be able to make an interface with a short length of suitable hose and a 22mm to 15mm reducer Steve. These things are primarily designed to be incorporated into a vehicle cooling system so some adaptation is always needed depending on the installation.

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i suppose your talking about some rubber hosing like on a cars cooling system?

and some jubilee clips etc

you'd think that because so many of these units go into boats these days they'd have something all made for you lol

looks like a trip to a car accessory shop with heater and a piece of 22mm pipe is in order then


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ok thanks

i have now received all the extra fitting parts off the supplier

cheap chap but slow postage (took 2 weeks to get everything here)

but i'll give him his dues he did apologise and sent me a short length of exhaust and a piece of rubber hose for the water cheers

so i think thats the stuff thats usually used to i'll give it a try

all i've got to do now is figure out how to fit the thing :roll::o

amazing all the info instructions etc none of them actually explain how to fit them lol

i am still in need of a header tank unless i don't need it?????

these seem to be really expensive for some reason

and i presume they work like a toilet system ie with a ball float valve?

otherwise how will more water get in if needed

strange things these ebby's lets just hope it works well and doesn't let me down on a freezing cold night

one other question pls

i bought a twin calorifier also for the water

i have a big ford diesel 6valve engine

any ideas on how to connect it to the calorifer?

as you can tell i've never done one of these before :cry:

but i'll keep you informed along the way and see how we go

thanks for all the help so far this place is so invaluable keep up the good work

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You do need a header tank or you can use a swirl pot, as it happens I have an all aluminium custom made one with the right entry and exit sizes that I had made for a D5W Ebo, if you don't get fixed up then it's yours for a small donation to the RNLI.

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I’ll get it to you somehow Steve, currently stuck in the Blackwater where we decided to go instead of North. The swirl pot is fitted just before the heater and at the highest point of the circuit. It’s quite a simple thing really, the antifreeze mixture goes in at the top and out through the bottom so any air can be removed. A radiator type cap is fitted to the top so you can top up with antifreeze mixture if you need to.

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thats brill thanks antares i'm actually in the process of fitting it now :?

harder than i thought lol

i have the clorifier in position and water in and out and the ends ready for the ebby to connect to

i also have another 2 ends ready for connection to the engine at some point, not sure how to do this either

now here's the problem i am having

wiring how on earth do you wire these things up lol

the ebby unit has an output plug on it

the control unit doesn't neither does the timer

the pump has a plug and the control unit does too but they don't match :(

i really could do with some help on the wiring end if anyone has any idea on how these things are wrired up can you gimme a shout pls :bow

and by the looks of the bracketry that came with it and the bits coming off it, it looks like it should sit in mid-air cos i can't find a flat side to it anywhere that hasn't got something coming out or going in or dangling off it lol

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Back now Steve so if you PM me your address I will get it to you, there is a possibility that I will be on the broads this summer but by no means certain and in any case it would be too late for you I guess. As to the plugs not matching I can't really help without having sight though the wiring is actually (like the rest of the things) quite simple, but I will see what I can do in the way of simplifying it for you, they have various mounting brackets depending which vehicle they are mounted to and these are usually a car / van / truck makers part.

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The D5WZ is normally fitted to Mercedes Sprinter vans Steve so you may well have the control system for that, do I take it that you are incorporating the heater into one of the engines cooling systems? if so you may need to fit a more complex water circuit with diverter valves operated by thermostats or you will waste a lot of heat just in the engine bay in the winter.Though these are all Webo or Ebby parts they can be difficult to source and consequentially expensive. Anyway here’s a D5WZ specific manual, it’s not the full one but does give all the wiring colours and their function so will enable you to identify them and get them hooked up even if you have to source some new plugs and sockets. Pole Volt are a good source of those things and Google will take you to their site, the other end of the current plugs may well (and I stress MAY) in fact be part of the Sprinter van’s wiring harness.


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  • 5 months later...

I don't know if this helps but there's a wiring schematic on P28.

http://www.espar.com/tech_manuals/Hydro ... 3%20JE.pdf

I hope you've already solved the problem - the diagram shows the cabling for socket, plug and unit - so it should be possible to work things out.

There are + and - connections a + take off for the dosing pump and 3 other connectors on mine - diagnostics, alternator and switching - the latter being the one that the manufacturer wants you to only connect to their exceptionally expensive and minimalist thermostat / timer /programmer equipment.



p.s. The manufacturers website also gives marine installation instructions in PDF

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Thanks for all the info folks

sorry i haven't been on here much lately

i managed to get most things wired up apart from the pump

the only way i could get that to work was manually using a switch

which kinda defeats the object of having a timer really if you have to flick a switch to stop it tripping itself out.

anyway i have now decided to keep my combi boiler

the ebby doesn't seem to do what i want it to compared with the combi boiler

so i will actually have an ebby for sale and calorfier etc lol

oh well more money down the drain :norty:

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