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Engine mounting project *started* with pic

Guest Lag1rich

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Right go save on the confusing garbled post; I started to make the mounting for the purposes of a picture. So here we go... PS. Marine ply costs a bomb


Ok the part under the brick sits on top at the back of the boat which all the straps go through.

the board clamped in to the work table (transtorm I believe)

I had a re-measure and from top to bottom of the rear of the boat measures 12inch, imaging it was on the boat not a work bench how many inch should it be above the strap on part and how many inch below?

the marine ply is 19mm!! Thanks Richard

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I'm not certain of how you intend to mount the outboard on the tender as you refer to straps. What I do know is petrol outboards have a design height that the G clamp bit mounts on so the prop clears the bottom of the hull and keeps the water cooling inlet in the water. So it might pay to look up details of the outboard you have to find this height.

Then again I might have totally got the wrong end of the stick!

Ian :Sailing

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It will also depend on whether you've got a long or short shaft outboard.

And, as Ian says, you really need to set it up on the tender to check the parameters he refers to. I can see how the straps will hold the bracet onto the boat and you'll need to cut off the bottom bit so that it's not below the boat bottom, say 10ins.

The bit above will be dependent on your shaft length; so I'd cut the bottom first and then offer the mounting up to the tender... perhaps even strap it on. Then you can see where to cut the top section off.

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Hi all, im starting to get some ideas and looking at drawings, does the Anti Ventilation Plate be on top/above the water or below water? Because a average measurement seems to be 20" from the G clamp to the anti ventilation plate! (im going to make the transtorm adjustable using dowel screws and wing nuts)

Thanks Richard

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The anti cavitation plate should be under the water. It is to stop too much air forming around the prop meaning that the prop is in water and propelling the boat and not in a mixture of air and water, thus reducing its efficiency.


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The distance from the top edge of the transom to the bottom edge (where it meets the bottom), determines the correct motor shaft length.

Short shaft is 15"

Long shaft is 20"

Having said that, most manufacturers, (especially Honda) add a couple of inches, so it's then 17" and 22".


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