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    Another Dumb Question

    During our years on Friday Girl on the Broads we only ever left all the windows ajar and internal doors wedged open throughout the winters. We had absolutely no problems with moisture and never even took the bedding home!
  2. Hockham Admiral

    Hi Everyone!

    A warm "Welcome Aboard" the good ship NBN, Dave.
  3. Hockham Admiral

    New User

    A warm" Welcome Aboard" the good ship NBN, Andy.
  4. Hockham Admiral

    Our Broad Scott

    It would have been Iain's 70th today. I miss my dear old friend deeply.
  5. Hockham Admiral

    Omni Directional Aerial

    30 dB is certainly impressive, Charlie! The table shows dB to signal gain values... x 1000! dB value times by +30 dB 1000 +20 dB 100 16 dB 40 13 dB 20 10 dB 10 9 dB 8 8 dB 6.31 7 dB 5.01 6 dB 4 5 dB 3.16 4 dB 2.51 3 dB 2 2 dB 1.58 1 dB 1.26 0 dB 1
  6. Hockham Admiral

    High Tides

  7. Hockham Admiral

    Hi All

    A warm welcome aboard the good ship NBN, Frank. Let's hope that's the end of your troubles this year!
  8. Hockham Admiral

    Christmas Fare

    We're having a goose tomorrow (my favourite) instead of the usual variations of Beef Wellington or Turkey or Rib of Beef on the Bone. We cooked a shoulder of gammon yesterday and what's left after evening sarnies and cooked brerakfasts will go out on Boxing day! Boxing Day is our "waifs & strays" day from around the village and it's cold cuts, baked potato and Winter salad (red and white cabbage, carrots, onions, sprouts and whatever else we may have. All shredded together with a little mustard powder and icing sugar and sprinkled with cider or white wine vinegar). I normally make that tomorrow morning to let it absorb the vinegar and it's still crunchy the next day. I personally add some mayo to mine but Mary-Jane prefers hers neat! We're trying out three new (to us) gins over the next week but still have the staple Gordons and Bombay Saphire to fall back on. A Very Happy Christmas to you all from misty Norfolk.
  9. Hockham Admiral

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    How I agree with you, Chris! When we bought our 6-month old BMW M-Sport 120D X-drive for 10k below list price I accepted the "run-flat" tyres as a sign of the future................ Coupled with shiny alloy wheels they are a nightmare when parking alongside any sort of kerb as they are so low-profile that you can easily scrape the whells. Also the "Norfolk Potroads" have claimed THREE new tyres in two years, which at almost £200 a go isn't very helpful. "Sue NCC" I hear... That's a joke! But one last thing, coming up to the end of her warranty BMW have given her a free 2 hour check in which they replace anything which isn't perfect. In our case an EG-something costing up to £600 was replaced foc.
  10. Hockham Admiral

    Wintertime Cooking

    Recipe, please?
  11. Hockham Admiral


    A warm "Welcome Aboard" the good ship NBN, Graylingdave.
  12. Hockham Admiral

    Advice, Please

    Some friends of ours are giving up there steel narrow boat and are intent on buying a Broads cruiser. They have seen a 35ft 1968 Ernest Collins "hybrid" (Glass hull, wooden superstructure) and have asked for my advice but unfortunately I have no experience of such a combination. So can anyone help, please, with things to look for which may affect one of these classics?
  13. Hockham Admiral

    Houseboat Sinks.

    4. Inappropriate Material ?
  14. Hockham Admiral

    Wintertime Cooking

    When we've baked FB pies in the oven we have never had any problems with soggy pastry. We had one a couple of weeks ago and it was just fine.
  15. Hockham Admiral

    Broadly Speaking ... Almost There :)

    What a delightfull vid, Jean; it very well reminded me of our own long love affair with our Broads.
  16. Hockham Admiral

    Thiswan Says Hi

    Welcome aboard, Thiswan!
  17. Hockham Admiral


    A warm welcome aboard the good ship NBN, herman!
  18. Hockham Admiral

    Winter Cruising

    A warm (!) "Welcome Aboard" the good ship NBN, Longjohn. Whatever you choose we hope that you have a great time.
  19. Hockham Admiral

    Third Lake Loathing Crossing

    I do hope that that was intended as a "punny", Chris! This is supported by the BA, no less. http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/politics/lake-lothing-third-crossing-given-broads-committee-support-1-5685086
  20. Hockham Admiral

    The Poppy Appeal

    Both my Grandfathers were gassed seperately in the Somme and neither lived beyond 50 years, Ian. So I wear my poppy with both Prida and Sadness that I never knew them.
  21. Hockham Admiral

    Hi From Nigelb

    Wecome Aboard, Nigel!
  22. Hockham Admiral

    Another One Bites The Dust

    The unfortunate thing in all of this is that we no longer have James' voice on the committee and will be the poorer for it.
  23. Hockham Admiral


    A warm "Welcome Aboard" the good ship NBN from me too, cybercypher.
  24. Hockham Admiral

    Beccles Quay Returned To The Town After 44 Years

    Did they ever get around to refurbishing the toilets, does anyone know, please?
  25. Hockham Admiral

    Another One Bites The Dust

    Here's my comment under that Broads Blog: Hockham Admiral2 October 2018 at 10:27 Words fail me, James..... You have my utter admiration for standing up to this intolerable behaviour and thanks from us all. John Redford

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