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  1. They never do seem to pay more than lip service to EU rules though, do they? (Our aviation rules follow European JARs)
  2. Only some, Alan? Out in rural West Norfolk we've seen quite a reduction in fly tipping in the last few years.......... I shall have to programme the NCC clearup department into my mobile anytime soon.
  3. It certainly is the problem with mooring a fwd steer bathtub, isn't it? Rod, on Sally B, an Alpha 35 fwd steer, used to open his roof and stand on his seat. He then used his bow thruster paddle with his foot and throttle with his hand... amazing and it worked to the wonder of onlookers!
  4. John & Mary-Jane, Sat/Sun, car, boat or motor home!
  5. It would do that, Alan... If its lift failed when overhead the bridge there wouldn't be a problem anymore!
  6. Great news, thanks, guys. We're thinking of hiring one of NBD's apartments in September and I remember when the Shed was in its prime!
  7. Great idea, David. I just looked at that and saw that they do one for double glazing up to 15mm.
  8. Back to original thread topic and mine's just come in (if I was going to renew it). 12p short of £490..... for a 35ft boat
  9. WOW, Howard gets treats as well as beer, Delilah?
  10. I doubt that you'd complain, Alan, because even paying for the toll, insurance, maintenance (I did a lot myself as you do) and the BIG cost, marina moorings I still had change from £3000.. not a lot but enough for the odd replacement whatsit. Considering we'd get at least 10 weeks a year that's not too bad, really.
  11. Well you might not be suggesting that, Ian, but I'm fairly sure that some might!
  12. I really thought that they were Roman diggings, weren't they, Peter?
  13. What on Earth do you drive, John... a Humvee?
  14. Delilah, Hi It's the forum software which will upgrade your quota when you reach 50 posts (and become a Full Member). Glad you don't keep a good man down!
  15. In fact we have both, surely? The yards are selling off old boats and building new ones while tolls also go up and up.
  16. And a very warm Welcome Aboard from us too, Jamboboatman.
  17. Lovely to have you aboard, Delilah and a very warm Welcome!
  18. Jamboboatman hello, thank you for the intro and a warm welcome aboard the good ship NBN.
  19. Paul, hi. I think that we'll be hirers in future and buy a motorhome as our alternative transport. October/November in the Algarve does have its attractions!
  20. Without doubt, Jean, Holland is God's Country for boating of whatever persuasion. We hired a Broads type cruiser there a few years ago in August and it was stunning. (School hols finish early August and prices drop by 50%). The canals and waterways extend hundreds of miles and most marinas are council owned in the centre of picturesque little towns.
  21. I joined the NBN nearly ten years ago, mainly because it was a friendly forum about boats on The Broads. I see today that I've averaged 1000 posts per year and I really must try to put more effort into it! We had just moved from sea-going to river-going boating and although we had a fair bit of Yare-bound sailing twixt Brundall and Gorleston we knew little about anywhere else on The Broads. Earliest Friday Girl, our Fairline Holiday, here shown when we visited St Peter Port in her with Daughter and Son and returned to Brundall! Sea-going, our trusty old Freeward 30, Friday Girl 2 Our "Froggy", Friday Girl 3, in Vlissingen And now Broads Bound until last year when I needed (and have since had) two new knees: I can honestly say that I've enjoyed every hour of it, be it sail, motor, sea or river! One day I'll finish the saga of all the adventures we've had in them all!
  22. Charlie, for you and all who live in God's County! (Apologies if you've seen it before).
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