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  1. finny

    My Day

    Wow trev,s got some serious " go faster stripes " ...............anyway about time you got yer backside in decent van finny
  2. Very sad news - RIP John finny
  3. finny


    RIP Roy and deep condolences to Jill and the family I can remember bumping into him in the Ferry Horning - had us in stitches all night .the mold was broke after they made Roy - far and few between a very sad day finny
  4. Broom skipper gets my vote finny
  5. well you can only drive one at a time ............but i recon its time for something new Robin - What about getting a van finny
  6. very nice boat i hope you enjoy her .i have had a couple of boats over the years but getting my backside on them was and still is a real pain in the backside its far more convenient cheaper and hassle free to hire at this moment in time - my only advice is get on her as much as you can ..........enjoy finny
  7. We have an old boy (73 ) live across from us who sadly lost his lovely wife last year just bought a fabulous looking mx5 - flat cap and new leather gloves and good luck too him I say finny
  8. It was for a older Worcester which I bought from plumb centre with my brother in law discount - still came in over a hundred quids .......I guess it depends on make and model finny
  9. Griff make sure you are sat down for the price if you need a new pressure vessel- I have just fitted one in my daughters boiler it was quite a shock price wise . my last boiler was a Worcester 24i which we had for around 21 years - I never had I serviced .i used to have a look through the burner window to see if the flame was nice and blue otherwise was told to leave it well alone and do its thing which is what I did apart from recharging the pressure vessel a few times .anyway after 21 years the mother board gave up and when the wife's brother who is a gas safe registered fitter looked it over it was decided to completely replace the boiler based on cost effectiveness.i replaced almost like for like and bought a new Worcester 24 green star but this time we had a filter fitted and because the brother in law is a worcester approved fitter we managed to get the warranty extended from 5 to 7 years ( providing I have it serviced annually) it's pretty good on gas also my bills have reduced and if I was every lucky enough to be given another chance at life the I would come back as a central heating engineer - it's. License to print money for what they charge finny
  10. use this product regularly to keep internal carbon build up at bay - i dont use supermarket fuel after spending many years delivering fuels i can tell its the bottom of the barrel stuff ,scaniaman is right on the money and when i was in the job many large fleet operators that fueled through their own pumps would request the fuel set to their own standard in terms of additives . ever wondered why you dont see many HGV fueling at tesco the difference of 5p a ltr cheaper is a massive saving on a large fleet finny
  11. I don't know if this is blasphemy or such but would it not be worthwhile considering changing that teak on the upper deck to something of a vinyl type that is stuck down rather that something fixed down and can move all things considered finny
  12. Well looked after good clean boats sell very well in the right place Mark ,when I sold my Hampton I put it up for sale on a Sunday afternoon with riverside - he came took the photos talked the deal went away and we set off home .........I got a phone call before we had crossed the county line " Sold " and at full asking price my advice would be to try buy away from the broads but always sell on the broads you may get your three grand back finny
  13. She is a very smart clean boat and I can't help but wonder if it would be worthwhile bringing her back and sticking her with someone like waterside to avoid mooring fees ........something tells me that in the right place she will soon be sold just my thoughts Finny
  14. Only if they let him drive the bus finny
  15. May sound strange but clean the inside side of the screen with shaving foam finny
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