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  1. I put a property I have on the market last week hoping to generate some interest when normality returns the agent told me prices as a whole are very strong and the market was good .he also said he could only send people in a position to buy - no tyre kickers ,my thoughts was " yeah right " there is no urgency for a sale - anyway I accepted the asking price offer today and to be honest i would have put money on the house sitting empty for a good while Finny
  2. put a smile on my face ........top job well done and simply enjoy finny
  3. Poor leadership from the government plays a big part .my mother lives on Cyprus they have had a tougher lockdown to the tune where you needed permission to leave the house via an app but there was no shortage of anything .the elderly and the vulnerable got priority shopping times 7am till 10 am and the only thing that could open or work was banking supermarkets small foods shops and pharmacies - just short of a million population and a death rate in the 20's .perhaps it's just as well some of the comments on here dont live in the northwest believe me ....." its grim up north " Finny
  4. It's not rumours fred its fact based on scientific accuracy testing that our family went through last week based on the symptoms that spread through the family from December till January. 6 out the family tested that they have had confirmed covid 19 without knowing - that said who at that time knew anything really about the virus .my symptoms in January massive temperatures sore throat .eyes massive headaches and sore chest - enough in anybody's book to set alarm bells ringing hence the anti body test . If you are lucky enough to come through this pandemic unscathed then count your blessing and be thankfull because many have not Finny
  5. We took the decision over a zoom chat interesting is the fact that this virus was here before 2020 and an elderly aunt who shielded from March and still is being a recent cancer victim actually was poorly with her husband 2 weeks before Christmas and been well since. I was flattered for nine days over the new year but my anti body test came back negative...I guess some would see the test as pointless not know any possible future ailments but there is one big positive in knowing you have the anti body's and that would be knowing that your own immune system can do its job well many have had this before or had no symptoms or little before it was even named .and then of course down the line when the vaccination time comes because if i had the anti body's there is no way on earth I would take any vaccine Finny
  6. Getting the anti body test is no problem we as a family last week employed a private health company with approved testing for the whole family (22) as some of us was really ill from mid December till the first two weeks in jan 6 confirmed covid the rest all negative we paid as a block roughly worked out at £90 each Finny
  7. That is the beauty in disinfectant fogging you could effectively turn the boat around within hours its quite unbelievable to see a machine in action ,it takes 2 seconds to fill a lorry cab with disinfectant mist that fills every nook and cranny even soft furnishing (car hire firms its becoming a standard procedure nowadays for turn around ) open the doors and windows and when its surface dry away you go - a waggon cab usually half hour or so depending on conditions its also quite often use on outbreaks of viruses like Nova virus which can often take over a Cruise ship and other nasties finny
  8. i feel for you Andy and others in the same predicament iam wondering if it may be worth talking to your local environment health department situations are changing daily possibly a grant would become available for such locally anything is worth a try any economic harm to you is economic harm to the area as a whole customer confidence is paramount to any recovery .........good luck Andy and i wish you well for the future finny
  9. you can relatively cheaply buy small portable disinfectant fogging machines which would sterilize every nook and cranny and soft furnishings quite easily on a hire boat .......just one option finny
  10. Just as well they did .......many have have relatively stayed well paid and very safe whilst in lockdown the worst thing many had to do was to stay at home which is more than can be said for what others had to do Finny
  11. I understand and appreciate your sentiment Ian - for me its been good to see the country as a whole pull together and that can be from anything from a neighbour delivering another neighbours shopping to kidds having jumble sales to raise good cause money ,where i live the local vicar set up a local food bank he then stuck a big box on his moped and spends his time flying around to those in need .....i have more respect for him than his boss finny
  12. i just hope Peter we dont see a second wave finny
  13. Local government workers have finny
  14. I look after 37 bin crews and its been a massive task keeping the fleet operational with the massive increase of waste and maintaining staffing levels mainly due to self isolating ect - but the general feeling from the lads is that they are not heroes many feel that is reserved for the doctors and nurses and also many of their wives and girlfriends work in the previously unappreciated adult care industry and that is where the recognition should go - it should also be noted that most folk on 80% of a maximum£2500 per month will have still been clearing more than many a key worker anyway and there is resentment i give you a quote from one of my crew last week which had me chuckling " we have gone from Zero to hero in a flash ........but when they are all back at work and stuck behind the bin waggon holding them up we will soon be tosxxers again "...............many a true word said in jest eh finny
  15. i would be more offended by the man united key ring other than than it looks a handy bit of kit for not alot of money finny
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