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  1. finny

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I don't know if this is blasphemy or such but would it not be worthwhile considering changing that teak on the upper deck to something of a vinyl type that is stuck down rather that something fixed down and can move all things considered finny
  2. finny

    Calypso 28 For Sale

    Well looked after good clean boats sell very well in the right place Mark ,when I sold my Hampton I put it up for sale on a Sunday afternoon with riverside - he came took the photos talked the deal went away and we set off home .........I got a phone call before we had crossed the county line " Sold " and at full asking price my advice would be to try buy away from the broads but always sell on the broads you may get your three grand back finny
  3. finny

    Calypso 28 For Sale

    She is a very smart clean boat and I can't help but wonder if it would be worthwhile bringing her back and sticking her with someone like waterside to avoid mooring fees ........something tells me that in the right place she will soon be sold just my thoughts Finny
  4. finny

    Historically Broads - Griffin Family

    Only if they let him drive the bus finny
  5. finny

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    May sound strange but clean the inside side of the screen with shaving foam finny
  6. finny

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    quite often overlooked but with regards driving in winter weather conditions being able to stop my vehicle safely is a major factor - its all fine and dandy using chains,socks and whatever but can you stop should you need too ? finny
  7. finny

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    In the event of an insurance claim the assessor will usually check that the tyre rating on the tyre is correct for that vehicle so thats important to get right . i personally run my 4x4 on all terrain tyres purely and simply because of where i live i used to swap to bridgestones run flats after the winter but considering i do very low mileage these days i dont bother . interestingly we got new neighbours a few years ago who bought a 4x4 Q7 thinking it would be the answer to all his problems in terms of bad weather and a snowfall at the first sign of any snow the dam thing was useless as it was fitted with sports tyres and he struggled getting it off a flat drive in a straight line - but when he put the right tyres on for the winter it became a different beast so i guess your usage is a vital factor when choosing what style of tyre on a 4x4 always remember .........you wouldnt go climb a mountain in a pair of house slippers .....and that's my outlook towards a tyres performance finny
  8. finny

    Sealant For Boat Windows

    I did all the windows on a Hampton sorry i cant remember the brand other than i bought it from Wroxham marine - dam good stuff too .i did it in black and although its a fiddly job its a very easy trim with a sharp blade once its set to make it look professional finny
  9. finny

    Griff's Wedding Anniversary Today!!

    Congratulations all around finny
  10. finny

    Robert John Richardson

    Deep condolences to the Richardsons family . I have fond memories of Mr Richardson as a young nipper my dad apart from the family holiday would organise many fishing trips my dad and mr Richardson over the years knew each other very well my dad always spoke very highly of him RIP Bobby Richardson finny
  11. finny

    Forty Seven Years Ago!

    Me thinks that Lynn deserves a medal .......or two JM seriously though congratulations all around Finny
  12. finny

    And In Other News

    Now there is an idea Jay - a pub crawl marathon finny
  13. finny

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    In the HGV world many blue chip organisations will have a continuous rolling driver training program in place and its amazing how easy it is to slip into lazy habits that come to light whilst participating such courses and many of these drivers are accident free with thousands upon thousands of miles under the belt - for me there seems to be very little tolerance on todays roads and with the best planning in place a long journey can be a bit like rolling a dice finny

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