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  1. finny

    Sad News

    What dreadful news .i can only offer my deepest of condolences to Craigs family and to the forum members who knew him personally .i only had the pleasure when we corresponded via Email when i was doing research on a boat i had at the time A true broadsman in my Eyes and may he rest in peace Finny
  2. plenty affordable decorative salvage at lathams for those who want waccy finny
  3. finny

    My Day

    Well said Liz - its what makes us ......us . Griff i know you are a man of high morals and would sooner put yourself out rather let someone down ( this i know when you did me a favour with a pal of mine a few years past on BA) but there is a Chap in Donny who needs a Cuddle with a girl who needs a cuddle in Scotland - Take a few days off iam sure your customers will understand under the circumstance Also you and the family need a Woofer in your life just as much as a Woofer needs to be in your family , you will know when the time is right take care Finny
  4. finny

    My Day

    Talk about stormy waters - chin up Griff I admire you strength in doing the right thing and hopefully the tide for you will soon turn finny
  5. Restoration thread with piccys .................." pure boat porn " .....................oh welcome back Neil Finny
  6. perhaps its just me but after spending quite a few quid on a new turbo i would want to be giving it a good start to its life via an clean new low ash oil change - may even be tempted to do an engine flush before hand just my thoughts finny
  7. And dont forget a oil change - Volvo dont make oil it comes out of the ground even though they will recommend their own oil . i personally use a low Ash oil and it would be Comma oil finny
  8. The hampton in question has been around for years i remember i even thought about refitting my Hampton to a similar but putting the engine behind the forward bulkhead - got that idea from the many broads dayboats ......well that was until i did a fag packet cost list and it didnt happen my advice for what its worth is try it and if you feel its struggling against a stiff tide maybe look at changing the prop it doesnt take much to push a hampton with a 2ft 6 draft ,i was not happy with my hampton after seeking advice i slightly over propped it and gave the performance i was looking for .the potter bridge pilot once told me going through the bridge it was one of the most responsive hamptons he had ever helmed finny
  9. finny


    we all have the choice ,i choose to give support to small local charities that otherwise get overlooked finny
  10. To be honest Paul i did not expect him to start this season .........perhaps the money here is just too good but then again we all know it is finny
  11. finny


    I have a funny feeling many will also finny
  12. You caught us on a very very bad defensive game by City and nothing else we will still win the league finny
  13. finny


    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7464961/How-3-3million-donations-RNLI-spent-abroad.html?fbclid=IwAR3nmsMP1y9vcdy3mDnOFysUPlpYBe-piqAQrtekDQR-n3pkaqRueKs-iVY interesting read finny
  14. finny

    My Day

    Wow trev,s got some serious " go faster stripes " ...............anyway about time you got yer backside in decent van finny
  15. Very sad news - RIP John finny
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