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  1. finny

    Griff's Wedding Anniversary Today!!

    Congratulations all around finny
  2. finny

    Robert John Richardson

    Deep condolences to the Richardsons family . I have fond memories of Mr Richardson as a young nipper my dad apart from the family holiday would organise many fishing trips my dad and mr Richardson over the years knew each other very well my dad always spoke very highly of him RIP Bobby Richardson finny
  3. finny

    Malanka Out And About Next Week

    Enjoy finny
  4. finny

    Forty Seven Years Ago!

    Me thinks that Lynn deserves a medal .......or two JM seriously though congratulations all around Finny
  5. finny

    And In Other News

    Now there is an idea Jay - a pub crawl marathon finny
  6. finny

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    In the HGV world many blue chip organisations will have a continuous rolling driver training program in place and its amazing how easy it is to slip into lazy habits that come to light whilst participating such courses and many of these drivers are accident free with thousands upon thousands of miles under the belt - for me there seems to be very little tolerance on todays roads and with the best planning in place a long journey can be a bit like rolling a dice finny
  7. finny

    News Papers

    I know Pops - dreadful rag ..................could never get passed page three anyway finny
  8. finny

    News Papers

    I don't read them also stopped buying after Hillsbourgh .my local shop has stopped selling daily newspapers simply because it's not financially viable - the supplier in his case w h smiths who also dictated amounts and have removed all sale or return unlike the service the big boys get like tesco finny
  9. finny

    The Sub £300.00 4hp Outboard...

    I often wonder how many " Branded products" are often outsourced from the cheaper side ,stick on the badge and who would know ? finny
  10. finny

    The Sub £300.00 4hp Outboard...

    I'm presuming they are from China and being a brand snob i would have knocked something like this in the past - but not no more ,i have a Stil chainsaw that decided to call it a day in the carburetor department ,my local expert wanted best part of 70 quid to replace i found on Amazon a replacement that suited for less than a tenner - it came i fitted first pull it was away .......anyway at that kind of money i think you have just uncovered the first throw away outboard - i would buy should i be needing one finny
  11. finny

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    I have a licence to drive most things on our roads Robin - its all about practice and having the right frame of mind ,it will be a tough week but well worth it finny
  12. finny

    Boat Survey

    most insurers will also take a boat yard report which comes much cheaper than a survey finny
  13. Thanks for sharing with us - very enjoyable finny
  14. you could have just as a good time on one of Rico's bathtubs - and with the money saved its overpriced bangers and mash around finny
  15. finny


    Hi Lucy welcome to the forum - iam afraid the only advice i can give is .......Enjoy finny

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