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Where did all the moulds go?


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Originally posted 24/01/2010 by Dan (pid 22)


I was wondering if anyone knew about any of the Bounty moulds that might still be in existence or where they are now.  Amongst the most recent models to be made by others was the Sovereign 34 Sunbridge by Sheerline Motor Cruisers at Thorpe.  They seem to have changed this model in the last couple of years to have a different appearance, and I'm unsure if they've changed the hull or just the superstructure.  I know a member of the Bounty E-Group contacted them over mouldings for the sundeck on their Sunbridge 34 recently and they were able to supply a quote for producing this still.  Here's one they made recently: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.thamesboatsales.co.uk/boat_detail.asp?ID=13272100&btpFN=13272100_2.JPG&btsBoatName=Sheer%20Delight">http://www.thamesboatsales.co.uk/boat_d ... %20Delight</a><!-- m -->  Sheerline still manufacture the 27ft aft cockpit Capri in soft-top form as the "820 Aft Cockpit" <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.sheerlinemotorcruisers.com/pages/aft-cockpit/820-aft-cockpit'>http://www.sheerlinemotorcruisers.com/pages/aft-cockpit/820-aft-cockpit">http://www.sheerlinemotorcruisers.com/p ... ft-cockpit</a><!-- m --> and also the Sedan version <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.sheerlinemotorcruisers.com/pages/sedan/820-sedan">http://www.sheerlinemotorcruisers.com/p ... /820-sedan</a><!-- m -->  They also make the Sovereign 34 Sedan, as the Sheerline 1070 Sedan <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.sheerlinemotorcruisers.com/pages/sedan/1070-sedan">http://www.sheerlinemotorcruisers.com/p ... 1070-sedan</a><!-- m -->  Does anyone know of any others?  Is there still a Buccaneer mould sat being unused somewhere?!


All the best  Dan

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Originally posted 16/02/2010 by Guest (pid 113)


Hi all, does anybody know what happened to the moulds for all the Buccaneer range, as i`m assuming they were cut up years ago, though somebody may still have them somewhere?. Regards..................Neil. :)  :)  :)

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Originally posted 15/04/2010 by tractorjohn (pid 240)




I've just sold our 28 and now have the larger 37 this was built in 1994, is this the last bucceneer built as ive never yet seen another one that was built in the 90s it has been on the Thames for 7 years but was built in Wroxham.

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Originally posted 16/04/2010 by Dan (pid 246)


Hi John


 Welcome to the forum.  Congratulations on your new purchase... this sounds like the one Fineway built and later sold to Kris Cruisers at Datchet?  A lovely boat


 All the best  



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There are some Bounty moulds at Neatishead Boatyard which belong to Haines so I am told,

I doubt the moulds at Kingfisher are 40ft, they are probably a little shorter and the 37ft bathtub known as the 'Solar 37' perhaps...

I am not sure but I think the Soverign? moulds are at Sheerline..

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i must admit i have broken a few moulds in my time the largest was the med 38/44 took awhile with ole jcb 


working under in rtucs form powers that be at the time 



only got a set off small speed boat moulds ,and a dinghy or two ..............at the moment 



happy boating  !

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Quite by coincidence, I met someone this weekend who built quite a few of the older Bountys who told me that the Bounty 30 mould was chopped when the firm finally went under.


Yes indeed, I understand it's quite common practice for hull moulds to be intentionally destroyed after production runs, to avoid the hull designers being possibly diddled out of the further design royalties, usually payable per craft built.


I believe that's what happened to all of the Hampton Safari Moulds for instance.

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Hi, just back from Netherlands, we have now got our dutch barge, and the other week I was sitting on her, and looked out the window, and see 4 Bounty buccaneers about 30 footers passing me, all in tip top condition, and all hire boats based in Sneek, Friesland, took this photo as they disapeared into the mist.


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